Centres Name of Awardees
SEAMEO CHAT No nomination
SEAMEO RECSAM Mr Azmi bin Sulaiman
SEAMEO RELC Mr Patrick Ng Weng Tuck
SEAMEO RETRAC Mrs Trinh Thi Hoa My
SEAMEO RIHED No nomination
SEAMEO SEARCA Mr Maciste B Alegre
SEAMEO SPAFA Mrs Vassana Kerdsupap
SEAMEO TROPMED/Network Ms Arunkamol Desabaedya
SEAMEO TROPMED/Indonesia Dr Ir Judhiastuty Februhartanty, MSc
SEAMEO TROPMED/Malaysia Dr Rohani Ahmad
SEAMEO TROPMED/Philippines Ms Hermelina F Posadas
SEAMEO TROPMED/Thailand Mrs Titika Teeranet
SEAMEO VOCTECH Mrs Leanne Abdullah Lee
SEAMEO Secretariat Ms Tiraporn Tangkoskul
Profiles of Awardees for 2010/2011
Mr Denas Yuni
Education Vocational School for Accounting
Current Workplace SEAMEO BIOTROP
Jalan Raya Tajur Km. 6
P.O. Box 116, Bogor, 16134
Tel: +62 251 8323848
Fax: +62 251 8326851
Commencing Date 1 February 1977
Commencing Position Typist
Current position Finance Unit Head
Work Ethic Be cautious and always check rules and regulation related to finance so that financial management in SEAMEO BITROP has become a reference for other SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia, especially the new one.
Personal Motto Do it today, do not wait for tomorrow.
Ms Marilou E Dones
Education B.S. Commerce Major in Accounting
Far Eastern University
Current Workplace SEAMEO INNOTECH
Commonwealth Avenue
P O Box 207, UP
Diliman, Quezon City 1101
Tel: (+632) 924-7681 to 84
Fax: (+632) 928-7692
E-mail: malou(at)seameo-innotech.org
Commencing Date 9 January 1978
Commencing Position Clerk/Typist
Current position Accountant II (Payroll)
Work Ethic
I may not be the best, but I know that I am hard working and committed employees of the Centre. In my almost 33 years with years with INNOTECH, I always see to it that I do my share in the tasks of the Finance team, or the Centre, and that I do it with accuracy, especially now that I am tasked to prepare the payroll of the Centre. I diligently prepare and review my output before submission and uploading because I know that any error committed may greatly affect an employee.
Personal Motto
  • Treat other how you would like to be treated yourself
  • Take people as people
  • Do everything for the greater glory of God
Mr Azmi bin Sulaiman
Education Electrics, Building Operation & Maintenance Handyman and Plumbing License
Current Workplace SEAMEO RECSAM
Jalan Sultan Aslan Shah
11700 Gelugor
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-6522700
Fax: +60-4-6572541
Commencing Date 2 May 1986
Commencing Position General Assistant
Current position General Assistant (Maintenance)
Work Ethic To work with a positive frame of mind.
Personal Motto Know what you say and what you do.
Mr Patrick Ng Weng Tuck
Education Secondary Two Certificate
Tanjong Katong Technical Secondary School
Current Workplace SEAMEO RELC
30 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258352
Commencing Date 11 October 2004
Commencing Position Security Officer
Current position Security Officer (Service Division 4B1)
Work Ethic Be proud of the work and be honest and self-motivated staff.
Personal Motto To always show concern and respect to others.
Mrs Trinh Thi Hoa My
Education M.A in Communications
Webster University
Current Workplace SEAMEO RETRAC
35 Le Thanh Ton
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel.: +(84-8) 8245618
Fax: +(848) 8232175
E-mail: tthmy(at)vnseameo.org
Commencing Date 1 July 2003
Commencing Position Academic Supervisor
Current position Deputy Dean (Division of Foreign Studies)
Work Ethic Always be honest.
Personal Motto There's a will, there will be a way.
Mr Ali Sadikin
Education Senior High School
Current Workplace SEAMEO SEAMOLEC
Kompleks UT,
Jalan Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe,
Pamulang, Tangerang,
Tel.: +(62-21) 7422184
Fax: +(62-21) 7422276
E-mail: alisadikin(at)seamolec.org
Commencing Date 1 January 2007
Commencing Position Head of Security
Current position Head of Security
Work Ethic
Usually show a positive altitude, never tolerate any other employee mistakes and very rarely (intentionally) violate rules and order.
Personal Motto Act more talk less.
Mr Maciste B Alegre
Education High School Graduate
Los Banos School of Fisheries
Current Workplace SEAMEO SEARCA
Library & Archives
College 4031, Laguna
Tel: (63-49) 536-2290
Fax: (63-49) 536-2284
Commencing Date 7 January 1987
Commencing Position Print Technician III/Illustrator
Current position General Services Assistant
Work Ethic Keeping in mind that, whatever we do, whatever we think... God is watching.
Personal Motto "Do not treat your additional task as your additional load, but challenge".
Mrs Vassana Kerdsupap
Education Master of Arts in Southeast Asian History
Ramkhamhaeng University
Current Workplace SEAMEO SPAFA
81/1 Si-Ayutthaya Road
Sam-sen, Theves
Bangkok 10300
Tel.: +662-2804022-29
Fax: +662-2804030
Email: vassana(at)seameo-spafa.org
Commencing Date 22 April 1991
Commencing Position Clerk/Typist II
Current position Secretary II
Work Ethic Concentrate in work and everything that I have been done even though I never do that kind of things.
Personal Motto -
Ms Arunkamol Desabaedya
Education Bachelor Degree
Sukhothai Thammathirat University
Current Workplace SEAMEO TROPMED Network 420/6 Rajvithi Road
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2 3549145-46
Fax: +66 (0) 2 3549144
Email: run_mol(at)hotmail.com
Commencing Date 16 May 1993
Commencing Position Administrative Assistant
Current position Assistant Accountant
Work Ethic
  • Prioritize significance and urgency of work so that the most urgent one can be dealt with first.
  • Follow up assignments and always check if the outcome is as expected.
  • Correct any mistakes and try to improve them.
  • Keep records of anything the need improving to achieve the good-quality work.
Personal Motto Do our best for today.
Dr Ir Judhiastuty Februhartanty, MSc
Education Doctor in Nutrition
Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia
Current Workplace SEAMEO TROPMED/Indonesia
RCCN-UI Building
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6
Jakarta, Pusat-10430
Tel.: +62-21-3910205
Fax: +62-21-3913933
E-mail: jfebruhartanty(at)seameo-rccn.org
Commencing Date 1 September 1999
Commencing Position Training Program Coordinator
Current position Research and Program Development Coordinator
Work Ethic Do your work with professional satisfaction.
Personal Motto Life is beautiful. It is more beautiful when you are useful to others too.
Dr Rohani Ahmad
Education Doctor Degree
University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Current Workplace SEAMEO TROPMED/Malaysia
50588 Jalan Pahang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: + 603 261 62671
Fax: + 603 269 38094
E-mail: suhaifi(at)putra.upm.edu.my
Commencing Date 1 November 1991
Commencing Position Lecturer
Current position Research Officer (Faculty Member for SEAMEO TROPMED School)
Work Ethic Start our day with full determination; we will end our day with full satisfaction.
Personal Motto It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
Ms Hermelina F Posadas
Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Feati University
Current Workplace SEAMEO TROPMED/Philippines
College of Public Health, University of the Philippines
625 Pedro Gil Street, Ermita
P.O. Box EA-460, Manila 1000, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 524 2703
Fax: (63-2) 521 1394
Commencing Date 1 May 1993
Commencing Position Clerk II
Current position Administrative Aide VI
Work Ethic Performs all assigned responsibilities diligently and consciously.
Personal Motto

Follow the Golden Rule Do not do unto others what you do not like to do unto you.

Mrs Titika Teeranet
Education Master of Arts (Social Development)
Kasetsart University
Current Workplace SEAMEO TROPMED/Thailand
420/6 Rajvithi Road
Bangkok 10400
Tel.: +0-2354-9100-19
Fax: +0-2354-91399
Email: tmttr(at)mahidol.ac.th
Commencing Date 17 April 1991
Commencing Position Administrative Officer
Current position Head, Administrative Unit
Work Ethic

To me, having a work ethic refers being professional, diligent and caring about your work and the people you work with. Completing your work on time, not wasting the time of your colleagues, offering your help to others when they require it. A positive attitude goes a long way, too.

Personal Motto Keep smiling, be happy and do the best I can.
Mrs Leanne Abdullah Lee
Education Associate Diploma of Business Hospitality
Bently TAFE, Western Australia
Current Workplace SEAMEO VOCTECH
Jalan Pasar Baharu Gadong
BE 1318, Brunei Darussalam
Tel.: +673 2447992
Fax.: +673 2447955
E-mail: yenchin(at)voctech.org
Commencing Date 1 February 2002
Commencing Position VOCTECH International House Executive
Current position VOCTECH International House Manager
Work Ethic A diligent person with professional torch towards organization.
Personal Motto Commitment is another name for success.
Ms Tiraporn Tangkoskul
Education M.A. (Librarianship)
University of Denver, USA
Current Workplace SEAMEO Secretariat
920 Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Building,
Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
Tel.: 66 (0) 2391-0144
Fax.: 66 (0) 2381-2587
Email: tiraporn(at)seameo.org
Commencing Date 15 January 1980
Commencing Position Documentation Officer
Current position Senior Documentation and Resources Officer
Work Ethic
"Regret" is the fruit of our actions, or lack of actions taken, and it cannot be changed for the better.
Personal Motto One must work willingly but not for one's will.