4 March 2021


UNESCO’s Digital Kids Asia-Pacific project (DKAP), supported by Korean Funds-in-Trust, aims to assist Member Countries in developing evidence-based policies that foster children’s digital citizenship and promote their safe, effective and responsible use of ICT.  The DKAP Research Tools were included the DKAP framework for education, survey tool, and regional report, have been developed for education stakeholders to support the development of evidence-based national policy, interventions in the education system, and public information and awareness campaigns.

One of its components, the “DKAP Champions Initiative” seeks collaborators to lead digital citizenship research efforts in their constituent countries by using DKAP research tools.  In Southeast Asia region, the collaborators consist of five of SEAMEO Member Countries: Indonesia, Lao PDR and Philippines.  UNESCO Bangkok started DKAP with Thailand as well as Vietnam.

From methodological research, main survey implementation and data analysis, the DKAP project is now reaching a significant milestone of officially reporting and disseminating the DKAP finding results.  The official launch of DKAP results will serve as an entry point to inform policy makers and practitioners to further develop basic education policy for improving digital citizenship and literacy in the country and Southeast Asia region.  More information about DKAP is accessible at https://link.seameo.org/dkap and https://dkap.org/


This half day High Level Forum aims to publicly launch the Southeast Asian Regional Report on Digital Kids Asia Pacific (DKAP).  The national research team of three countries (Indonesia, Lao PDR, and the Philippines) will be invited to share key findings as well as recommendations of DKAP research.

Date and Format

The launch event will be organised on Thursday, 4 March 2021 virtually through WebEx and live broadcast through YouTube.  A provisional programme of this event is provided below.  A final programme, WebEx and YouTube links will be sent to speakers and all registered participants in due course.


Expected participants at the WebEx platform are the SEAMEO High Officials, and national representatives from SEAMEO Member Countries; representatives from SEAMEO Centres; representatives from SEAMEO Affiliate Members; and partners.  Public participants will also be attending the event via YouTube channel.

Contact Persons

For further information on the official launch of DKAP results in SEAMEO Member Countries, kindly contact Ms Anti Rismayanti, Programme Officer of Information and Development at anti@seameo.org; cc secretariat@seameo.org.