Knowledge Management Prioritised at SEAMEO

Bangkok, Thailand 7 July 2022 - One hundred delegates from Knowledge Management units and related functions of all 26 SEAMEO Regional Centres virtually gathered at the SEAMEO Knowledge Management (KM) Learning and Sharing Forum on 7 July 2022 at 09.00-14.30 hrs to level off on understanding and motivations regarding KM practices and solutions in the SEAMEO Centres and enhance the SEAMEO-wide capacity and work cooperation.



The 2022 SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum was organised by the SEAMEO Secretariat’s KM unit in support of the new SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2021-2030. The forum provided opportunities for the SEAMEO Centres to share and learn the KM/related good practices and identify the SEAMEO KM-related Initiatives that the SEAMEO Centres could develop and implement together for improving the capacity and visibility of SEAMEO and SEAMEO Regional Centres. 

The Forum was attended by one hundred (100) participants from all SEAMEO Centres consisting of Centre Directors, Deputy Directors, Heads of the Unit, Managers, Specialists and Officers joined the live session.

The agenda included presentations of KM approaches and development by SEAMEO SEARCA, SEAMEO INNOTECH and SEAMEO SPAFA. The presentations on KM-related best practices were presented by SEAMEO BIOTROP, SEAMEO RECSAM, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, and SEAMEO SEARCA. 



In the afternoon, the participants joined the group discussions and identified the SEAMEO-Wide KM Strategies in three main areas of (1) SEAMEO-Wide Information Management Systems, (2) SEAMEO-Wide Communication/Promotion and (3) SEAMEO-Wide Partnership and Business Development.  The platforms and mechanism for strengthening and sustaining the network of SEAMEO KM and related KM functions among the SEAMEO Centres were presented by the Group Representatives.


Group 1 Discussion on SEAMEO-Wide
Information Management Systems

Group 2 Discussion on SEAMEO-Wide Communication/Promotion

Group 3 Discussion on SEAMEO-Wide Partnership Development


The outputs from the group discussion were such as integrated KM platform, central digital repository, social media network/community, international media outreached programme, staff exchange, and  mentoring/benchmarking programme.     

The next SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing will be hosted by SEAMEO RETRAC in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in November/December 2022.   

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