SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum


A. Background

The First SEAMEO Training Workshop on Knowledge Management (KM) as a part of the initiatives under the SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2011-2020 was organized by SEAMEO SEARCA in collaboration with SEAMEO Secretariat on 24-26 January 2012 in Los Baños, Philippines.  The workshop aimed to enable SEAMEO Centers to arrive at a common understanding of KM, draw up an appropriate KM framework and strategy, and plan next steps towards making such strategy operational. 
Since then, many SEAMEO Regional Centres has actively established a new unit of Knowledge Management or related units which are mainly responsible for information management system, partnership/business development, communication, learning events and etc. Currently, 9 of 26 SEAMEO Units has established the KM unit such as SEAMEO BIOTROP, SEAMEO CECCEP, SEAMEO INNOTECH, SEAMEO RECFON, SEAMEO SEARCA, SEAMEO SPAFA, SEAMEO VOCTECH, and SEAMEO Secretariat.              

In response to the new SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2021-2030 in the complex context of human resource development in education, science and culture, and the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic where the global education landscape has been transformed, it is necessary for SEAMEO Regional Centres and SEAMEO Secretariat to revisit the ways we work.  

The Knowledge Management Unit or related units such as PR, Partnership, IT at the SEAMEO Centres have played an important role in transforming the conventional meetings to the online events.  E-marketing/ promotional tools and social media become more significant with various strategies to effectively reach out the different targeted participants, stakeholders and partners in Southeast Asian countries and beyond.


B. Objectives and Expected Outcomes

To enhance capacity of Knowledge Management or related units at the SEAMEO Centres and strengthen the work relationship and cooperation as a SEAMEO family, the SEAMEO Secretariat would like to organise a SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum on Thursday 7 July 2022 at 09.00-14.00 hrs (BKK Time/GMT+7).  It is expected that the forum will suggest the SEAMEO-wide Knowledge Management strategies that enable the harmonious and logic flow of information among all diverse SEAMEO Centres and SEAMEO Secretariat.
The purposes of the SEAMEO KM Learning and Sharing Forum are:   

  1. To establish a common understanding of KM among the SEAMEO Regional Centres and how KM could contribute to the visions, missions and goals of SEAMEO and SAMEO Centres;    
  2. To share and learn the KM/related practices by the SEAMEO Units; and
  3. To identify the SEAMEO KM-related Initiatives that the SEAMEO Units could develop and implement together for improving the capacity and visibility of SEAMEO Units. 

The expected outcomes from the Forum include as follows:

  1. Report on SEAMEO KM best practices/initiatives and highlights.
  2. Proposed SEAMEO-wide knowledge management framework, including 3 main areas:
    1. SEAMEO-wide information management
    2. SEAMEO-wide communication/promotion
    3. SEAMEO-wide partnership/business development   
  3. Proposed appropriate mechanisms/platforms to sustain the SEAMEO-wide networking among the KM/related units of the SEAMEO Centers.


C. Participants

The meeting will be organsied as a closed meeting among the SEAMEO Centres. The meeting participants include;   

  • SEAMEO Centre Directors, Deputy Directors
  • KM Managers and related Managers such as PR/Information & Partnership Development Managers, IT/Information System Managers, Documentation/Publication Managers  
  • Related officers/staff of KM, Communication, PR, Partnership Development, Publication, Documentation and others.


D. Agenda

Download Agenda


E. Focal Person

Ms Piyapa Su-angavatin
KM Manager
SEAMEO Secretariat
Bangkok, Thailand
Email: secretariat(at)