Digital Transformation at SEAMEO Secretariat

Tuesday, 18 August 2020 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

To ascertain that our staff is ready for the digital revolution, SEAMEO Secretariat has continually provided our staff with essential trainings by experts from renowned organization. Two courses were arranged recently to increase staff awareness of risks on using the internet, social media, online materials and learn the proper use of digital media without violating Copyright Act.

The topic of IT Security Awareness Training by Mr Jedsad Thongkanluan, a Senior IT Security Manager from T-Net Co., Ltd. was organized on 22 July 2020. The training was very comprehensive, well elaborated and enlightened SEAMES to learn from mistakes of Information Technology violation.   This training helps to increase our staff capacity and awareness in battling with unknown threats online and take precautions against any possible risks to themselves and the organization. 

The second training on 5 August 2020 was on “Using Online Materials in the Digital Age: Copyright Issues and OERs” by Dr Titima Thumbumrung, Senior Information Officer, Science and Technology Knowledge Services (STKS), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

Dr Titima demonstrated deliberately on using online materials such as contents, photos, clipart or videos from the ‘closed online sources’ which might lead to copyright infringement and against the Copyright Act. According to her suggestion, there were ‘open online sources’ which are safer to find and use as parts of our work. We learned different kinds of copyright marks and symbols that protected by the creator of that particular work. This informative training reflected and increased our awareness in producing various kinds of media, publications, videos and online materials.

The impact of this training can be seen in the use of the Creative Commons and other types of copyright symbols on our webinars and online media. We also planned to carefully protect personal information of our participants by including the consent statement on our registration form before sharing or having their photos shown on our publication or social media channels.

These are some examples of efficient impacts which influenced us in our daily lives not only at work but also at everywhere we go. Our personal perspectives, views and mindsets towards online platforms will never be the same again.  

Both of the trainings took place at SEAMES’ premises. All staff are encouraged to keep hygiene, social distance and wear face masks throughout.