The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) recognises that engaging the youth and children is critical in transforming education, science, and culture in the region and beyond. In the Transforming Education Summit (TES) 2022, participated by SEAMEO, one of the key highlights is the engagement of the youth throughout the process of developing the event and that inclusive and equitable education systems should be anchored on the voices of our youth.

In achieving SEAMEO’s vision of a better quality of life in Southeast Asia through education, science, and culture, we are underscoring that in shaping the future of our region, the children and the youth should be engaged more.  Their perspectives and experiences as our society, and ecosystems continuously changes are key inputs in developing policies, programmes, and projects that will address the challenges we are facing. 

In line with this, SEAMEO Secretariat together with SEAMEO Regional Centres would like to encourage the students and youth aged 15-24 years old1 to join the “SEAMEO Youth Network.”

1 https://www.un.org/en/global-issues/youth#:~:text=Who%20Are%20the%20Youth%3F,of%2015%20and%2024%20years.


  • To develop a platform which will provide the opportunity for the youth to participate in programmes, initiatives, and activities by SEAMEO; and
  • To provide a venue to share their perspectives in transforming education, science, and culture in the region



The SEAMEO Youth Network will open for youth of Southeast Asian nationalities aged 15-24 Years old. Participating in the network is free of charge.



In joining the SEAMEO Youth Network, the youth will gain the following opportunities:

  • Receiving news, activities and competitions for students and youth which are organised by SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO Regional Centres and SEAMEO partners.
  • Opportunity to participate in capacity building programmes or youth development programmes such as Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills, soft skill development, youth leadership programme, among others; and
  • Opportunity to participate in possible student academic and cultural exchange programmes.



Apply by visiting the following QR Code or the following google registration link:


or scan the QR code for registration

Information required in the Registration Form includes:

  1. Email
  2. Full Name
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Nationality
  6. Current Education Level
  7. Name of Institution
  8. Country  
  9. Interests in SEAMEO Priority Areas (21 areas for checking)
  10. Answer the question: How can you engage the youth in transforming education, science, and culture in Southeast Asia? (300 words or less)
  11. Attach Curriculum Vitae (optional)


  • Mr Emiljohn Sentillas
    Policy and Planning Specialist

  • Ms Piyapa Su-angavatin
    Knowledge Management Manager
    SEAMEO Secretariat

  • Email: secretariat@seameo.org