1. Background

Initiating more substantial efforts for lifelong learning helps to withstand the concept of never stopping learning throughout the lifetime. It’s about being curious, eager to understand the world around us and reinventing our set of skills based on where we want to get next. Since education is a critical component of a country's human capital which helps economies to move up the value chain beyond manual tasks processes, investing in lifelong education could certainly promote longer-term investment in education.


2. Expected Outputs
  • A collection of best practices to increase awareness of investing in lifelong education;
  • Identify the methods to address the needs of gaining way forward in life long education;
  • An assemble of recognition of lifelong learning and non-traditional qualifications in  education; and
  • Recognise various strategies to uplift the prospects of having broader range of skills to compete in the labor market.


3. Tentative Schedule


 Tentative dates Tentative Schedule
1 September 2022 Initiation of Article Submission
15 September 2022 Initial Notice of Acceptance or Rejection
1 October 2022 Article Submission Deadline
10 October 2022 Initial Review Article Acceptance
15 October 2022 Final Review of Article Acceptance
*31 October 2022 Final Notice of Acceptance or Rejection
*TBA Revised Article Submission for Publication


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5. Contact Person

Dr Kamaleswaran Jayarajah
Research, Evaluation and Assessment Specialist (REAS) SEAMEO Secretariat
Email: journal2022@seameo.org

Miss Phichaya Sakcharoen
Program Assistant SEAMEO Secretariat
Email: journal2022@seameo.org