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A. Introduction

This challenge is designed to commemorate the 57th SEAMEO Anniversary in 2022 and celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2022 on 5 October 2022.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought all the educators in the region to use many forms of digital technology as an educational tool. Social media is seen as one of the essential learning platforms by educators and learners. This competition, as mentioned in “One-minute Please?” seeks the attention of viewers to learn valuable educational content within the one-minute. The one-minute term is widely-used as to seek attention.


B. Objectives

This competition aims to:

  1. Create an opportunity for teachers to develop their very own educational content for teaching and learning purposes;
  2. Promote positive and constructive engagement among the educators and learners through comments and sharing;
  3. Promote creative content creations by educators in addressing the need of 21st-century learners.
  4. Provide a platform for teachers to enhance their creativity in the form of digital media;
  5. Create SEAMEO digital media resources with quality and authentic content for the region and beyond.


C. Competition’s Scope
  1. Participants
    This competition is open to all teachers/educators that teach in primary up to secondary school in Southeast Asian countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.

  2. Creative Content Language Preference
    ONLY English Language

  3. Creative Content Scope
    • Competition’s Theme:
      “The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers”
      We believe that teachers are transformation agents that can bring society to a greater level through education.
    • Educational content from the region's primary to secondary school curriculum/textbook or any content that supports teaching and learning. (including TVET / particular education/sports education/marginalised students/ ethnics etc.)
    • Content must be FREE of (a) political views or ideas, (b) illicit content, (c) business promotion, (d) religion-based, and (e) provoking materials that are seen to compromise the harmony and peace in the region.
    • Duration: Maximum 1 minute.
    • End-product of the Competition
      • Each participant may submit only ONE video per person.
      • Only video that is published in the year 2022 will be accepted.
      • Submit a summary that explains the video content with maximum 100 words.
      • Please include the SEAMEO logo in your video with the title “SEAMEO TikTok Challenge” in any visible video. However, the creator may decide the placement of the logo and the title.
      • To download the SEAMEO and SEAMEO 57th Anniversary logo, please click here.
      • A One Minute Educational Video, readily uploaded on a personal TikTok account, tagged and publicly available.

        Please include these hashtags to promote your video:
        #secretariatSEAMEO #57thSEAMEO #30novSEAMEOday

      • May share the video on other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to create more engagements.


D. Competition’s Rules and Regulations
  1. Use of the Content
    The content is solely for educational purposes and not for revenue generation. The content will be used as part of SEAMEO’s 57th Anniversary, World Teachers’ Day 2022 celebration and as part of SEAMEO’s educational digital media content. The content will be made accessible to all SEAMEO Member Countries.

  2. Copyrights
    • The content author is responsible for copyrighting the materials used in their video.
    • The content creator is to provide/cite any materials (i.e. from other sources) in the content.
    • The organiser shall not be responsible or liable for any legal matters or actions that arise due to the content creator’s negligence in this matter.
    • Any involvement of minors in the video content requires permission from the parent(s) and guardians.

  3. Disclaimer Note
    All participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the competitions provided in the competition’s submission form and provide a summary of the video.


E. Judging Criteria


Scope Marks
Addressing the Competition’s Theme 20
Creativity and Practicality 20
Concise & Precise Information 20
Engagement (Number of Likes and Shares) 20
Fun Element / Edutainment Factor 20
More than 1 Minute (Penalty) -5
Total Marks 100%

Please note that judges’ decisions are final, and the organiser has the right to annul any final decision if there’s any breach of rules and regulations of the competition by the participants. The organiser will not entertain any correspondence once the final decision has been made.


F. Prize for Winners

Three selected winners for each category will be awarded a monetary prize and an e-certificate one month after the announcement.

First place USD 200
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
USD 200
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
Second Place USD 150
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
USD 150
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
Third Place   USD 100
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
USD 100
With an e-Certificate of Recognition
Fourth place to 20th Place e-Certificate of Recognition
21st Place and above e-Certificate of Participation


G. How to Submit the TikTok Video

Please submit your TIKTOK video with all the details to the organiser by clicking the following link or scanning the QR Code below.

The submission deadline is on 28 September 2022 at 23.59 hrs (GMT+7/Bangkok Time)
Note: All submissions will not be entertained after the date and time.


H. Timeline

Submission Date By 28 September 2022 (23.59 hrs)
Judging Period 29 September - 20 October 2022
Finalist Announcement At the SEAMEO-UNESCO World Teachers’ Day Webinar on 5 October 2022
Winner Announcement At the SEAMEO Webinar in October 2022 (TBC)


I. Contact Person

Dr Nithiananthini Kumarawel
Learning Innovation & Information Specialist