Leading Transformational Teaching in the New Normal

Deadline to Submit the Video Clip: 10 October 2020



Since 1994, the world has celebrated World Teachers Day every October 05 to commemorate the signing of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers. For SEAMEO, the World Teachers’ Day is a momentous event to celebrate the critical roles that teachers play in developing the fullest potential of peoples in Southeast Asia. This is one of the reasons why one of the SEAMEO Seven Priority Areas, specifically Priority 04: Revitalising Teacher Education, enshrined the importance of teaching and making it a profession of first choice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the multiple roles that teachers play in the society, especially those that go beyond the four corners of the classroom. According to the UIS data, the pandemic has directly affected 1.5 billion leaners at all levels and 63 Million primary and secondary teachers.  Despite challenges posed by the sudden shift to technology, teachers faced these major changes head on as Ministries of Education raced to migrate learning from face-to-face to alternative learning. During the SEAMEO Ministerial Policy e-Forum, the Ministers of Education lauded educators “as the critical enablers during the time of education disruptions where they consistently looked for innovations in teaching and ensured the physical, mental and emotional well-being of learners under their care.”


To celebrate World Teachers Day, SEAMEO is requesting all teachers to share with us a video clip that responds to the following questions:

  • How can teachers transition and transform their current education strategies to online learning platforms and other alternative delivery modes?
  • What concrete and easy-to-replicate strategies may be utilized by educators during the pandemic? 

Guidelines for Submitting a Video Clip

  1. Who can participate
    • Teachers who wish to submit the video clips should be the teachers, or faculty members of education institutions and universities from the 11 SEAMEO Member Countries.          
    • 1 Teacher can submit a maximum of 1 video clip.  
    • No limited numbers of teachers from an institution who wish to participate in video clip submission.   

  2. How to produce the video clips 
    • Teachers who wish to join this programme should produce the video/lecture clips in multimedia format for 5-7 minutes (Should not be over 7 minutes) that respond to the guide questions.
    • The lecture/video clips must be in English language.
    • The lecture/video clips must be uploaded on YouTube and the link must be shared with us using this link:
    • For best viewing experience, it is recommended to use 16:9 ratio while producing the video. 
    • The video clip should include practical teaching strategies that best illustrate effective teaching and learning especially during this time of pandemic. It may include software or applications
    • Introduction should include the followings: 
      • Institution logo
      • SEAMEO logo
      • Teacher’s name, position, university, country, email address, social media
      • Title/topic of the clip/lecture   
      • Photo of teacher
    • At the end of video, credits and acknowledgement should be included.   

  3. How to submit the clips and deadline  
    • Deadline for submission the clips is on 10 October 2020 (midnight) – strict deadline.  
    • Video clips must be submitted through this link: link.seameo.org/worldteachersday
    • The file must first be uploaded in YouTube. Please share with us the link by completing the online form.

  4. Permission for SEAMEO to publicize the clips
    Teachers should allow SEAMEO to publicize the video clips on the website, SEAMEO youtube channel, and other online platforms which are organized by the SEAMEO Secretariat such as webinars and learning events.       
  5. Criteria for selecting the clips
    Interesting and innovative content   30% 
    Practical skills embedded and easy to understand 30%
    Creativity in presentation 20%
    Usefulness and relevance 20%
    Total       100%


  • “Certificate of Appreciation” will be given to teachers whose video clips are selected.
  • “Certificate of Participation” will be provided to teachers who will submit video clips that meet the requirements in the guidelines.


SEAMEO Online Learning Resources: https://www.seameo.org/Main_programme/218

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