Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Teaching & Learning

Friday, 08 December 2023 |
Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Teaching & Learning

Zahrani Balqis | Community Partnership, Marketing, and Publication | SEAMEO SEAMOLEC


The social media landscape is constantly evolving, with its purposes shifting from their original intent. It's no longer solely about connecting with unreachable individuals; users now harness these platforms for more valuable endeavours, such as education and learning. In today's digital age, acquiring knowledge via social media has become more accessible. Numerous specialised social media accounts dedicated to specific topics like education, health, sports, and more have emerged. Users can easily discover these accounts by utilising relevant hashtags, which guide them to the appropriate content. Furthermore, educators and teachers have seized the opportunity to enhance engagement with their students by hosting interactive learning sessions through social media platforms. However, not all teachers and educators know how to utilise their social media account to organise learning session. To support them, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC recently organized a Regional Training on Interactive Learning through Social Media, attracting 100 participants from countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Yemen. Taking place from 12 to 23 June 2023, this in-depth course had a simple goal: to give educators the skills they needed to use social media effectively for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences.

They learned how to create good lesson plans that use digital tools, make the most of Facebook Groups for education, use effective methods for teaching in these groups, and make short, engaging lessons for social media. Following the virtual sessions, participants had one more week to finish their final projects. These projects involved making a detailed lesson plan and teaching a session in a special Facebook Group, matching the lesson plan they made earlier.

When the course ended, participants had to turn in their projects for assessment. Those who met the course criteria and showed they were good at interactive learning on social media got an electronic certificate. This certificate proves their achievements and shows they know how to use social media as a great educational tool. With this training, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC keeps helping educators in the region use new and creative ways to teach in the digital age.