DTeEm Online Course re-launches to more countries in Southeast Asia

Monday, 02 May 2022 |



Disability-Inclusive Teaching in Emergencies (DTeEm) online course was officially opened to public on 17 March 2022 during the virtual Launch and Course Orientation

The DTeEm online course, developed under the Accelerated Funding to Strengthen GPE’s Global and Regional Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, is offered in eight different languages, namely English, Bahasa Indonesian, Dzongkha, Khmer, Laotian, Tetum, Thai, and Vietnamese. 

Though the DTeEm is an open course that any nationalities can take, the re-launching targeted to offer English in the Philippines, Bahasa Indonesian in Indonesia, Thai in Thailand, and Vietnamese in Vietnam to expand the reach of the course in Southeast Asia. 

SEAMEO Secretariat’s initiative to gain wider course takers in the region is being accomplished with the support from the education ministries of the four target countries.  The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (MOECRT) of Indonesia, Department of Education of the Philippines, Ministry of Education of Thailand, and Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam were present to express their support to the rolling out of DTeEm online course in national or official language of the country. 

UNESCO Bangkok, SEAMEO Secretariat’s partner in developing the online course, as well as SEAMEO Centres involved in the pilot implementation and the relaunching were also present to show their support.  More than 600 participated in the Zoom while there were more than 200 live viewers and more than 1,000 playback viewers in YouTube. 

Part of the virtual launch was the symbolic show of support as participants made the sign language for the word “support”.  Course orientation was also provided so that participants could be guided on the registration and navigation of the DTeEm Learning Management System. 

To enroll, please go to DTeEm website https://onlinecourse.seameo.org/

When you go to DteEm website, the INFORMATION menu on top contains:
1) Guidelines about easy-to-follow instructions on how to enroll and navigate the course; 
2) FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions containing useful information in question-and-answer format about the online course; and
3) Video Orientation that presents step-by-step guide on how to enroll and go through the online course.

The course can also be downloaded in smart phones through DTeEm Course mobile application.