Filling the gaps: SEA-TEACHER and SEA-TVET Network reached out for Innovative Video Lecture Series

Sunday, 22 August 2021 |

Approximately 105 innovative lecture clips from teachers under the SEA-TVET and SEA-Teacher Network in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand participated in the SEAMEO SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series in August 2020 with the participation of over 36,000 participants followed this special SEAMEO learning event.   

In response to the current academic lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with approximately 155 polytechnics and universities under the SEA-Teacher and SEA-TVET Network launched the “SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series” as a part of the SEAMEO Webinar Series on COVID-19 Response which SEAMEO Secretariat has collaborated with stakeholders, partner institutions and SEAMEO Centres since April 2020.



The objectives of the SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series were to provide the up-to-date information of competency needs, practical skills and technological transformations in the post COVID-19 for the study areas of Teacher Education, Technology, Business, Hospitality, and Agriculture for TVET and university learners in Southeast Asia and beyond; to share innovative teaching and learning experiences and materials among institutions; and to promote teacher capacity and creativity in developing effective learning materials for TVET and Higher Education students through the online platform. 

After the launching of the programme in early July, the programme could draw attention of teachers/lecturers under the Network to submit 105 innovative lecture clips to participate in the programme. Among 105 lecture clips, 40 video clips were selected for the SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series broadcasted via YouTube Live every Thursday in August 2020.    

The SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series were opened for free for TVET and University students and teachers in Southeast Asia and beyond, according to the following schedules and themes:


Mobility and Teaching Innovations in the New Normal (Introduction):
6 August 2020 10.00-11.30 hrs (+7GMT)

Innovative Teacher Education in the New Normal
13 August 2020 10.00-11.30 hrs (+7GMT)

Teaching Technology and Agriculture in the New Normal
20 August 2020 10.00-11.30 hrs (+7GMT)

Smart Business and Hospitality in the New Normal
27 August 2020 10.00-11.30 hrs (+7GMT)


The SEA-Teacher-TVET Lecture Series went successfully with the total number of 36,656 (as of 3 Sept) viewers around the world via YouTube of all 4 Lecture Series. 

More information and to view all lecture clips: CLICK