Centre Scholarship programmes Period Deadline for application Contact Information
INNOTECH Strategic thinking and Innovation (STI) Course 3: Leading and Sustaining Change 20/04/2020 to 20/06/2020 March 27, 2020 (extended to April 10, 2020) Louis Plaza:

The MOEs will identify three participants who will be recipients of the scholarship grant. They will consider the following qualifications in the nomination of their participants:

• Minimum of three-year experience as school head;
• Ability to understand, speak, and write in the English language;
• Computer literate and have easy access to a computer/laptop with internet access; and
• Willingness to collaborate and engage in discussions with other school heads in Southeast Asia

Completers of STI 1 or 2 are invited to take the third course.
INNOTECH GURO21 for Southeast Asia 09/03/2020 to 04/05/2020 February 10, 2020 Louis Plaza:

In partnership with Teacher Council of Thailand, some Thai teachers are enrolled in this course
RECFON Fellowships to participate in one of Post Graduate Training (PGT) Program in Food and Nutrition held by SEAMEO RECFON All year Depends on the PGT, usually we announce them 2 months prior to the course. Full and partial fellowships are available. For each PGT course we have opportunity for up to 5 awardees from South East Asian countries. More information can be found in our website Post-graduate students, professionals
RECFON Post Graduate Training on food and nutrition related various topics Usually start from February for two weeks training program, and sequential with other topics until November every year One month prior the each topic SEAMEO RECFON Training Manager,
email; or or or
visit our web site;
The candidates may also contact our Governing Board Members in their respective countries
RELC C111 : Advanced Specialist Certificate in Teaching Listening and Speaking 5 Jan -22 Jan 2021 16 Oct 2020 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
C112: Advanced Specialist Certificate in Teaching Reading and Writing 19 Jan – 5 Feb 2021 16 Oct 2020 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
C422: Specialist Certificate in Teaching English as an International Language 30 Mar – 16 Apr 2021 16 Oct 2020 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
C113: Advanced Specialist Certificate in Language Assessment 4 May – 21 May 2021 16 Oct 2020 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
C103: Blended Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics 6 Jul – 18 Dec 2021 26 Feb 2021 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
CELT-S: Certificate in English Language Teaching – (Secondary Education) 2 Aug 2021- 28 Feb 2022 26 Feb 2021 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
MATESOL : Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 15 Feb 2021 -11 Feb 2022 16 Oct 2021 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
C419: Specialist Certificate in Professional Development of Teacher Leaders/Supervisors 14 Sept – 1 Oct 2021 26 Feb 2021 Mr Loo Yow Tong ,  
  • Queen Elizabeth Scholar, a join program with University of Victoria, Canada
  • Capacity building in educational leadership and management for leaders, administrators and teaching staff in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam
  • International Conference Financial Support
  • Queen Elizabeth Scholar – 3 months (often from May-August)
  • Capacity building – 1 to 2 times per year
  • International Conference Financial Aid (often from July-October)
Please contact International Development and Overseas Department for further detail Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Uyen Manager of International Development and Overseas Department Besides the listed scholarship program above, upon requested, we also consider financial aids for participants joining our year-round conferences, forums and workshops.
  • SEARCA Full Master's and PhD
  • Scholarships, DAAD-SEARCA
  • Scholarships, NTU-SEARCA
  • Scholarships, Tokyo NODAI-SEARCA
  • Scholarships, UPM-SEARCA
  • Scholarships, Agropolis Fondation-SEARCA
  • Scholarships, SEARCA PhD Research Scholarships
Except for PhD Research, the programme starts at the beginning of the academic year, usually starting August and lasts for 2 years for MS and 3 years for PhD; For PhD Research Scholarships, it starts in May or November of each year and usually ends in a year. for the Full Scholarships, deadline is one year before the start of the program or July 31 of the preceding year` Dr. Maria Cristeta N. Cuaresma, email: For the scholarships jointly funded by SEARCA and a partner, the deadline of scholarship application varies
TROPMED Network DAAD Scholarships under SEAMEO TROPMED Network School Year (August to July ) December of the year for the next School year  Ms. Pornpimol Chaivittayangkul
Administrative Officer
420/6 Ratchawithi Road
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +662 3549145 to 46
Candidates must be nominated officially by SEAMEO Member countries.