The signing ceremony

The signing ceremony of the SEAMEO Charter took place at the Singapore Conference Hall during the Third SEAMEO Council Conference in Singapore, 1968.

The SEAMEO Charter was prepared by a group of international lawyers and was earlier submitted for clearance by the Member Countries before the signing.


The Ministers of Education of Indonesia (Soemantri Hardjoprakoso), Laos (Leuam Insisienmay), Malaysia (Mohamed Khir Johari), the Philippines (Carlos P. Romulo), Singapore ( Ong Pang Boon) and Thailand (Pin Malakul) affixed their signatures to the Charter on 7 February 1968.  It was signed later by Republic of Vietnam (Nguyen Van Tho), 28 June 1968. 

(Ref. Resource Book on SEAMEO, 1984)




At the Eighth SEAMEO Council Conference, Phnom Penh, 1973, the SEAMEO Charter was amended to include the terms and conditions of Associate Membership.  It was revised again to cover Affiliate Membership at the Eighteenth SEAMEO Council Conference, Penang, 1983. 

May, 2012 (Non-SEAMEC Year) Resolutions, the amendments to the SEAMEO Charter on three areas: 1) Article IV, Items 6 and 9 (On the Term of Office of SEAMEO Council President and Frequency of SEAMEO Council Conferences); 2) Article IV, Item 5 (On the SEAMEO Council’s Conduct of Business and Decision-Making); and Article V, Item 3 (On the Term of Office of SEAMEO Secretariat Director) were approved by referendum by the SEAMEO Council.

The following list provides links to relevant legal document.


SEAMEO Charter

Country Power of Attorney Instruments of Acceptance
Indonesia 3 February 1968   25 October 1968 
3 February 1968 25 October 1968
14 November 1968
Laos 24 January 1968   19 March 1968
Malaysia 5 February 1968
20 November 1967
28 February 1977
31 August 1972
Singapore 2 February 1968 8 February 1968
Thailand 26 January 1968 26 April 1968
10 June 1970


The original documents are kept by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Royal Thai Government
(Ref. SEAMES letter No.0368/2511 dated 14 February 1968).