Among the 71 entries from 62 songwriters from Southeast Asian countries participating in the SEAMEO Songwriting Competition, organized in 2010 by the SEAMEO Secretariat, the song "Building the Future (The SEAMEO Legacy)" written by Dr Rey Christian Cabreros, Philippines was adjudged by the 33rd SEAMEO High Officials Meeting in November 2011 as the winning SEAMEO Song.

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"Building the Future (the SEAMEO legacy)"

It's time to open our eyes
To a bright and promising future
We'll rise to the call of the times
And create a stronger tomorrow

Let's start to make a difference
Teaching everyone to learn
Through science, health and technology
We will share our expertise,
By promoting knowledge and policies
We can build a better world


Let us take a stand
For our visions of hope
Making future plans
For the people to grow
In a life filled with happiness and glee
Here at SEAMEO Building the future Is our legacy

We'll achieve our goals thru partnership
Creating opportunities
By working hand in hand we can
Accomplish all our dreams,
For a better quality of life
Is now within our reach



Lyrics & Melody: Dr Rey Christian Cabreros, Philippines
The Winner of the SEAMEO Songwriting Competition 2010
Music Arrangement: Arthur Madriga, Philippines
Vocalists: Maria Ana Katrina A Madrigal, Maria Ana Kristina A Madrigal, and Kristopherson A Madrigal, Philippines

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