SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2019

Sunday, 22 August 2021 |

The SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2019 was successfully held in Nikko Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 8 August 2019. The meeting served not only as a platform for SEAMEO Units to share updates on SEAMEO new policy directions and their achievements, but also to discuss how SEAMEO can expand its developmental programmes with new partners and strengthen the existing ones. The meeting was organized by SEAMEO Secretariat and warmly participated by the Directors and senior officers of SEAMEO units.

SEAMEO Secretariat Directorates & SEAMEO Centres Directors


Dr Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela, SEAMEO Secretariat’s Director, welcomed all the participants and chaired the meeting. She and her staff did comprehensive and effective presentations throughout the meeting using a new format. Instead of having an individual presentation, the SEAMEO Centre Directors were invited into panel sessions moderated by SEAMEO Secretariat to present their working papers. This new format allowed them to experience a more active but relaxing atmosphere of the meeting.

The SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2019 consisted of six main sections, namely Opening Formalities, Matters for Information, SEAMEO Units’ Accomplishment, Special Session for the SEAMEO Centre/Network, Networking Session, and Updates on SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2011-2020. A total of 28 Working Papers, 9 from SEAMEO Secretariat and 19 from SEAMEO Centres/Network, were presented during Matter for Information section. 23 Multimedia Presentations from SEAMEO Units were displayed between the sessions in the meeting. A total of 11 Multimedia Presentations, 3 from Affiliate Members and 8 from Partners, were shared before the Networking Session of 23 SEAMEO Centres with Affiliate Members and Partners.


SEAMEO Secretariat Directorates & SEAMEO Centres Delegates


During the Networking Session, the SEAMEO Centres/Networks were encouraged to actively discuss and share their ideas and projects with the invited partner institutions. All over the discussions, some ongoing projects were well-regarded and would be kept going on; a total of 98 prospective projects were transformed from the idea-exchanges to more concrete proposed collaborations among SEAMEO Units, Partners and Affiliates Members. After the second day, the Directors and Officers could not agree anymore with such effective and fruitful discussion among the Centres and partners.

Five new Inter-Centre Collaboration Proposals by 5 SEAMEO Centres were presented during Special Session for the SEAMEO Centre/Network. After each proposal or working paper presentation, the Directors and officers from different SEAMEO units addressed to the meeting with valuable comments and feedback.

On the last day, the meeting concluded successfully by summarizing the points of the discussions, advice, and comments. All the directors, officers, and representatives were glad to participate in the CDM 2019.


SEAMEO Associate Member Countries, Affiliate Members & SEAMEO Partners


This year, the meeting was facilitated under a professional but relaxing atmosphere. The delegates had serious and valuable speech and comments in the meetings. After the official meeting, the delegates enjoyed continuing their discussions during the mealtime. In sum, the SEAMEO CDM 2019, which ensures the programme’s implementation and cooperation and also enhances the network and connections among all the participants, was successfully and officially closed on 8 August 2019. 

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