SEAMEO Centres Corner


Training Course on Earth and Space Science

SEAQIS, 13-22 August 2019

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Colloquium on “Promoting Lifelong Learning and STEM Literacy through Non-formal/Informal Education: The Roles and Involvement of Ministry of Education Malaysia” and “Mathematical Games for Lifelong Learning”

SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia, 21 August 2019

Workshop on “Active Learning in Mathematics Supported by Blended Mode Activities”

SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia, 22-23 August 2019

In-Country Training Course Cambodia

SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia, 23-27 August 2019

Regular Courses for Fiscal Year 2019/2020 (Batch 1) RC-PS-144-1 Inquiry-based Learning in Primary Science Education RC-SM-144-2 Mathematical Problem in Real World Situation for Secondary Mathematics Classrooms

SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia, 5 – 30 August 2019

STELR-STEM Education Training for Teachers and Education Personnel of the Asia Pacific Region

SEAQIS, 29 September - 05 October 2019

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International Conference on Embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education Policy and Practice for Southeast Asia

SEAMOLEC, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 18-19, 2019

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55th RELC International Conference Sustainable Language Education: Standards, Strategies and Systems

RELC, Singapore, March 16, 2020 - March 18, 2020

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