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The resources are posted on the SEAMEO Library website with permission from the authors or appropriate authorities.

Application of Technology and Science in Archaeological Work
Archaeology of Pak Mun
Ban Chiang Heritage
Border Malaria Issues In the Mekong Region
Buddhist Questions and Answers BOOK II
Ceramics from the Gulf of Thailand
Combating the Trafficking in Children and their Exploitation in Prostitution and Other Intolerable Forms of Child Labour in Mekong Basin Countries
The Effects of Internet-Based Teaching and Learning Systems on Learners (2004)
An Experiment in the Use of Mobile Phones for Testing at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand (September 2004)
An In-depth Study on the Cooperation of Vocational Colleges and Companies
in the DVT-Program to Identify Major strongpoint in the Institution-Industry Linkages with Recommendation for the Enactment of the New Vocational Education and Training Act (2004)
Krismant Whattananarong: Biodata
Kritaya Archavanitkul: Curriculum Vitae
Migration and the Commercial Sex Sector in Thailand
Pallop Piriyasurawong: Author Details
Political Disharmony in Thai Society: A Lesson from the May 1992 Incident
The Preparation for Y2K Problems of Educational Institutes
under the Department of Vocational Education in Metropolitan Bangkok
Rattanakosin Town Trail
Report on the Intermediate Training Course in Underwater Archaeology
Rock Art of the Historic Period in Thailand Part I
Rock Art of the Historic Period in Thailand Part 2
Rock Arts of the Ban Pue Group, Udon Thani
Samed Ngam Shipsite, Report on the Survey-Excavation, The
SEAMEO Members' Human Development Indicators [HDR 2006}
SEAMEO Members' Language Policy Laws
SEAMEO Training Participants from FY 1967/1968 to FY 2001/2002
Situation Analysis on Sexual Abuse of Children in Thailand (1997)
Sri Thep Historic Town
A Synthesis of Studies in Vocational Education from 1993 to 1998
and Suggestions for Vocational Education Reform in Thailand
Thai Customs and Beliefs
Thai Etiquette
Thai Folk Arts and Crafts
The Thai Land Reform Programme
ThaiLife - The Wild Flowers of Thailand
Thai Traditional Technology
Thai Textiles, Threads of a Cultural Heritage
A Tracer Study to Aid Re-evaluation of the Second Vocational Education Project of Asian Development Bank (Loan No.441-THA [SF]) in Thailand
Training of Teachers Manual on Preventive Education Against HIV/AIDS in the School Setting (2000)
University Roles in Rural Development (1998)
Which Children Will Go to Secondary School? Factors Affecting Parents' Decisions in Rural Thailand



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