SEAMEO-France Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) Study Visit and Workshop

SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok
13-29 August 2003

I. Background

In support of improving the quality of education in the region, the SEAMEO Secretariat developed a proposal under the SEAMEO-France Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) in Southeast Asia in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Thailand and the French Embassy in Thailand. Consequently, the French Government agreed to sponsor the proposed three-year programme starting 2003.

II. Goal and Objectives of the SEAMEO- France EQUIP

The goal of the programme is to help improve the quality of education in the region. In it first year of implementation, the programme aimed to give the participants opportunities to:

1. obtain first hand information about the activities and experiences in improving the quality of education in selected model schools in SEAMEO Member Countries regarding such aspects as: curriculum, teaching methods, administrative and organizational structures, community involvement, evaluation of teachers and students, and integration of ICT in the teaching-learning process;

2. acquire knowledge and skills of planning some activities to improve the quality of education in their respective schools;

3. share with other participants some education quality improvement practices and activities in their countries; and

4. prepare action plans for improving the quality of education in their respective schools.

III. Study Visit on 13-26 August 2003

Countries visited: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Number of schools visited per country ranged from two to five schools per country.

There were 11 school principals and master teachers from eight SEAMEO Member Countries who participated in the Programme.

For the participants, the visits far exceeded their expectations and a large amount of learning was packed into a short period and an immense amount of knowledge and awareness was gained. They were able to learn first the policies and visions of education and then look at the processes as they operated in schools and communities. They said that every school visit and meeting was interesting, and conveyed the enthusiasm and skill with which the school is being managed and the programmes and activities were conducted. As a result, they have established networks with people with whom they can remain in contact.

IV. Action Planning Workshop (28-29 August 2003)

The two-day workshop at the SEAMEO Secretariat gave the participants more opportunity to exchange ideas regarding their concerns and thoughts about the most pressing school problems or needs and identified which study experiences could be adopted in the Action Plans that they prepared. It also gave the participants enough time to analyze QEE priorities in relation to the five areas of concern.

Ref: 39th SEAMEO Council Conference, 2004 [39MC/WP26]


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