SEAMEO Internship Programme for Southeast Asians  (SIPSA)  

The programme aims at facilitating the development of young Southeast Asians' knowledge and skills in an international environment and has the following characteristics:
1. Responds to and enhances the interests of participants
2. Allows active participation by target groups
3. Brings direct benefit to the participants;
4. Time-bound to achieve specific targets and yet open-ended enough to allow for further growth


Multidimensional in approach
6. Allows creativity to flow
7.  Culturally relevant
8.  Uses non-formal education approach
9.  Integrates into the vision of SEAMEO
Flexible enough to allow participation of people throughout the region
  11. Promotes the development of other related interests.

The internship has been conducted by the SAEMEO Secretariat since FY 1998/1999.  

Ref: MC-35/WP/21)

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