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SEAMEO-Australia Press Award

[List of Winners & Titles]


The SEAMEO Press Award, an outcome of the 34th SEAMEO Council-approved proposal to recognize the media’s contribution to education, is made possible through the efforts of SEAMEO and the Australian Government.

The Award’s conception began during the SEAMEO Information Workshop, convened 27 to 30 April 1998 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which aimed to enhance the Organization’s visibility. Among the goals of effective publicity is to stimulate the organization’s activities and increase public awareness. One recommendation of the Workshop was to give recognition to Southeast Asian journalists in SEAMEO Member Countries for excellent coverage of education affairs in the region. Through its communication networks, the media plays a vital role in linking educational organizations and institutes with people in the society at the local and national level.

The Australian Government agreed to co-sponsor the award in coordination with Ansett Airlines, Thai Airways, Radio Australia and The Australian, Australia’s leading newspaper and the University of Melbourne. Thus, it is now known as the SEAMEO-Australia Press Award.

The award is given out yearly with the Australian government as the co-sponsor of the award in coordination with the University of Melbourne and Asia Link Centre at the University of Melbourne. The SEAMEO-Australia Press Award recognizes a journalist whose work has exhibited an exceptional contribution to the coverage of education in Southeast Asia. Winners are selected on the basis of excellence in journalism as defined by impact, originality, investigative effort and a broader relevance to Southeast Asia.


The objective of the SEAMEO-Australia Press Award is to enhance the Organization’s visibility by giving recognition to Southeast Asian journalists in SEAMEO Member Countries for excellent coverage of education affairs in the region. 


The awardee’s benefits include:

The journalist must be a national of a SEAMEO Member Country (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam).
The story (printed or broadcasted) must have been published/shown to the public during the past year. 
The story must be original, may be written in English or any Southeast Asian language in which case, entry should be submitted with an English translation.
Journalists who apply for this award should not be those who work for the SEAMEO Secretariat/Centres or the Ministry/Department of Education of SEAMEO Member Countries.
Nominations should be sent either through the SEAMEO Centres or the Ministries/Department of Education of SEAMEO Member Countries.

The Selection Committee

The Selection criteria including the theme will be determined by the Selection Committee. For the First SEAMEO-Australia Press Award, the committee will be composed of the following:

1) The SEAMEO Secretariat Director or his nominee (will take turn with the Australian Ambassador or his nominee as Chairman).
2) The Australian Ambassador or his nominee.
3) President of the Thai Press Association of Thailand.
4) President of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand.
5) Editor of leading Thai local newspaper
6) SEAMEO Secretariat Information Officer as Committee Secretary.


Applications can be submitted through any SEAMEO Centres or sent directly to the SEAMEO Secretariat in Bangkok. For further information, please contact :

SEAMEO Secretariat
Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Bldg., 920 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
Tel +66 2391-0144, 2391-0256, 2391-0554; Fax +66 (0) 2381-2587

List of Winners

Title of Article
Ms Melclaire S Delfin Palengskwela: Bringing the school to the market Innovation in Education
Mr An Sithav Mortgaged Futures International Cooperation in Education
Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Loan Vietnam Rural Education Experiences in the Van Ban District (Lao Cai Province) Reporting on Reaching the Unreached in Education
Ms Vinia Datinguinoo-Mukherjee Muslim Classes Come Alive Education for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia
Ms Karen Yap Lih Huey A Lost Generation across Asia's War Zones Issues in Improving Education
Ms Cheong Yin Fan Explore the Ocean Living Series Education for Disaster Awareness and Recovery

Hariati Azizan

Due for a Makeover Issues in Improving Education
Indramalar and Karen Chapman
School Alone Is Not Enough Issues in Improving Education
Nguyen Thi Le Huong Touching Stories Illuminate Young Minds Issues in Improving Education


Atiya Achakulwisut

Issues in Improving Education
Vasana Chinvarakorn Dawn of a New Age Issues in Improving Education



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