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Development of Educational Modules Using
Multi Media and CD-ROM for SEAMEO Personnel 1998

With funding and technical assistance from the Government of France, the SEAMEO Secretariat organised for its personnel a Training Course on the Development of Educational Modules Using Multimedia and CD-ROM. Facilitated by four experts from France, one observer from the ASIAN Institute of Technology, Bangkok, and 14 representatives from SEAMEO Centres participated in this course. The course took place at the SEAMEO Secretariat Office in Bangkok, from 4-15 December 1995.

With funding and technical assistance from the Government of France 1998, the SEAMEO Secretariat organised a second course, which accommodated twenty-six SEAMEO Centres staff and lecturers from local institutes.

Course title : Training Course on Development of Educational Modules Using Multimedia and CD-ROM for SEAMEO Personnel, 26 October – 6 November 1998

Organized by : SEAMEO Secretariat with funding and technical assistance from the Government of France

Venue : Boromrajonani College of  Nursing, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok,  Thailand.

Objectives :
1. Introduction of participants to multimedia and CD-ROM technologies.
2. Give the course participants practical experience in:
  • integrating multimedia software and hardware tools in creating animation, graphics, text, video and sound for multimedia educational modules;and  
  • developing a CD-ROM application.
3. Learn from the experiences of the French course facilitators in the development of CD-ROM based educational materials.
4. Develop interactive CD-ROM applications in the different areas of SEAMEO Centres’ specialisation.

Resource Persons    

Four experts from France facilitate the training course:

Mr Bernard Lachambre
Lycee Viette, 1 rue Donzelot 25200 Montbeliard
Tel:  33 3 81 98 19 68 Fax: 33 3 81 90 27 63

Mr Christian Tissier
IUFM Montijoux Avenue de Montijoux 25000 Besancon
Tel:  33 3 81 65 70 57 Fax:  33 3 81 50 73 95

French Resource Persons1
French Resource Persons2 Mr Jacques Labarre
College Vallee du Loir, rue H. Regnier 49140
Seiches sur Loir
Tel:  33 2 41 21 01 66
       33 2 41 32 37 08
Mr Jean Francois Millet
13 bis rue E. Lozes Bat F 31500 Toulouse
Res:  33 5 61 34 15 76
Off:    33 5 61 14 44 22
French Resource Persons3
Course Outline

1.  Overview of multimedia technology

An introduction to the background of multimedia, where it is being used today, and why it is important to understand and know how to use this technology.

2.  Technical fundamentals of multimedia technology

Explanation of the complex world of multimedia including topics such as CD-ROM drives, sound principles, MIDI, video recording and capture, compression and editing.

3.  Understanding PC multimedia hardware

Description of the hardware items used to enhance and add to a system’s multimedia capabilities.

4.  Understanding PC multimedia software

Description of the software used with multimedia applications.

5.  Case study

The methodologies used in France in the development of CD-ROM.

6.  Creating interactive multimedia educational modules

A methodology used in creating multimedia educational modules, from the planning and production stages of picking the right hardware and software to the designing and delivering stages of the finished product.

Hands-on experience in integrating the tools of multimedia software and hardware in creating animation, graphics, text, video and sound for multimedia modules.

7.  CD-ROM development process

Focusing on the development process of CD-ROM applications. Topics will include the creative process of CD-ROM development, CD-ROM authorization applications and CD-ROM Pre-Mastering software and pressing.

Hands-on experience in the preparation of interactive CD-ROM material and the pressing of a CD-ROM.

8.  Methodologies in the development of a hypermedia document

Preparation of a hypermedia document with the integration of sound, video, animation and graphics.

9.  Integrating multimedia capabilities on databases

Integrating sound, video, animation and graphics into the database medium.

10. Development of a CD-ROM project     

Development of interactive CD-ROM applications (instructional modules, hypermedia, databases) in different areas of specialisation at the SEAMEO Centres.  The following demonstration projects were developed by the participants during the second training.

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

Introduction to the Internet CD-ROM Participants1
CD-ROM Participants2

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

Data Management for Rural development

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)


redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

Animals with Backbones

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

Developing Presentation Skills

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

IT for Natural Resources Management

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)


redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

The Story of Thai Forest

redballs.gif (1289 bytes)

Performing Arts in South East Asia

Final Report of the Training Course

CD-ROM Participants3 CD-ROM Participants4 CD-ROM Participants5




26 October 1998

  • Opening ceremony
  • Course orientation
  • Overview of multimedia technology
  • Fundamentals of multimedia technology

27 October 1998

  • Understanding PC multimedia hardware
  • Understanding PC multimedia software
  • Case study of the methodologies in the development of CD-ROM

28 October 1998

  • Continuation of case study

29 October 1998

  • Creating interactive multimedia educational modules

30 October 1998

  • Continuation of Thursday’s programme
  • Hands-on experience in creating interactive multimedia educational modules

31 October 1998

  • Continuation of Friday’s hands-on experience
  • CD-ROM development process

1 November 1998

Free day

2 November 1998

  • Continuation of CD-ROM development process
  • Hands-on experience in the development of an interactive CD-ROM

3 November 1998

  • Continuation of hands-on experience in the development of an interactive CD-ROM
  • Methodologies in hypermedia document development
  • Integrating multimedia capabilities on databases

4 November 1998

  • Development of a CD-ROM project focusing on SEAMEO Centre specialization
5 November 1998
  • Hands-on session: building continues
  • Finalizing applications for CD ROM transfer
  • Transfer of applications onto CD ROM

6 November 1998

  • Presentation of project outputs
  • Closing ceremony
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