Appendix C

Interview Guide


I. General Guideline for the Country Study
A guideline of interview is basically designed to cover points related to child trafficking problem about situations both in the community of origin and place of destination as well as migration from country of origin to the workplace in the destination country. Followings are a frame of the questions:
Demographic characteristics of the respondents
Socio-economic status of respondentsí families and outside contact
Situation in your home community
Details of a journey to destination country
  • how do you know about it?
  • organization and transportation
  • people involved: family members, middle man, agent, broker, authorities
  • Situation in Destination Country
  • type of work
  • working place and conditions
  • income, debt, expense, saving and remittances
  • health related issues,e.g. medical check-ups, AIDS/HIV, drug
Opinion about returning back
  • any plan (if not yet return
  • health related issues,e.g. medical check-ups, AIDS/HIV, drug
  • situation after return: attitude of family memberís, friends, neighbours, and authorities etc.
II. An Example of the Interview Guide
Details of the interview guide for the Thai research team is given as an example below. Probing questions are in the bracket.
1. Situation in Home Community
  • demographic characteristics of respondents
  • family status both in community of origin and Thailand (how many people, how many youíre responsible for?
  • what kind of jobs do you have?,... etc.)
  • about your hometown, your job and living conditions in the community
  • why do you decide to come to Thailand?
2. Journey to Thailand
  • How did you come to the border?
  • Which route to the border, by which way/car/bus/walk/ships


By themselves
+ How did you know the way ?
+ With whom ?
+ Cost of traveling
* With the agents
+ How did the agents approach or contact you? Are there many agents to choose?
How did you choose?
+ How and how much did you pay for the agents? How was the agreement ?
+ How many people travel together with you? Who were they?
At the border,
* How did you find the job? (via friends or agents.
* How did you know the agents?
* How was the agreement?
* Who are the agents (in your perspective - /Thai/people in the origin/kind of job Thai officials involved?)
Inside Thailand,
* How did you travel to the workplace?
* How was the agreement ? / the cost of traveling ?
* How long did it take ? (any stop ? along the way ?)
Did you face any kind of abuses by the agents or along the way by Thai authorities or Thai people?
Have you ever heard about the traffickers who lure or cheat people to work as slavery-like or working as sex workers ?
What do you think ?
Have you ever heard about the agents that can take you to other countries far away?
* Do you know those countries ?
* Do you want to go ?
* Do you know anybody who go ?

Working Experiences in Thailand

How long have you been in Thailand?
Experiences about previous jobs and current job (details about work and working condition. Do you find your work dangerous? Do you like you work?)
Are there Thai working with you, and in the same duty, how the Thai are paid?
Payment (how much, when/etc. Are you satisfied?)
(Ask the first experience up to now if the respondents have been in Thailand for a long time or come many times)
Savings/ how much, how do you save (keep) the money? (with the employers, with themselves...etc.)
How to send money back home (did you have to pay the fees for anyone who help the process?)
Your living conditions: how is the room-the cost how much do you spend a day or a month?
Your future hope and plan
* to go back (when why where how and what to do next)
* not going back (how why)
* no plan (why)

For people who have children

Did you take your children here? Why why not, Do you want to ?

Did your children get education? Do you think itís important for the children to get education? Why?

4. The life in Thailand and problems
How do you find Thailand ? (good and bad sides, like or not like - why?)
Are there any body do any bad things to you?
(The police/friends people from same origin/employers/Thai people)
Have you or somebody you know ever get arrested? (How, when, and how much you have to pay to police, how is the process)
What kind of problems you face here?
How do you think about your families in home community.. is there any problems for them that youíre working here? (good and bad side.)
Do you find any problems staying here? (e.g. health/abuses/income/families)
Do you find your friends and families facing these problems?
Do you think how you can solve the problems? (if you didnít have an problems. Interviewer can give an example and ask for opinion)
5. Knowledge, Experiences and Attitude towards Thailand
About the Country
How do you know (What do you think) about Thailand before coming?
How and what have you heard about working in Thailand?
Do you know who to contact to find the job in Thailand?
How you understand your status (illegal migrant workers) in Thailand?
Are you afraid of police? Why?
Have you ever known or heard about the registration? If know + Have you registered? How When Why Where?
How do you manage your lives here? (how and where to go when getting sick, where and how to ask for help, how to make a phone call, how to take the bus, about health care and HIV/AIDS)
About The People
How do you think about Thai people?/ Thai workers in the same place?
To compare your lives here and in your home community? (good and bad sides on (livelihood/society/working condition and income/health care/hardships)
To compare Thai peopleís lives and in your home community?
Do you think why your country is poorer than Thailand?
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