Table of Contents



Project Organization

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Socio-economic and Political context and Transnational Migration in The Mekong Subregion
1.2 Trade in Children and Women
1.3 Objectives of the Study
1.4 Structure of the Report
Chapter 2: Concepts and Methodology
2.1 Definitions of Child Labour and Child Trafficking
2.2 Conceptual Framework
2.3 Research Methodology
2.4 Research Site
Chapter 3: Nature and Extent of the Problem
3.1 Child Labour Explotation in Mekong
3.2 Child Labour Exploitation: Cross Border
(1) Extent of Children Trafficking
(2) Estimation of Nos of Foreign Child Workers
Chapter 4: The Push and Pull Factors of Child Trafficking in Sending and Receiving Communities
4.1 Thailand as the Main Destination Country
4.2 Myanmar as the Major Sending Community
4.3 Lao PDR as A Sending Country to Thailand
4.4 Vietnam as Sending Country to Kh, CN, TH
4.5 Cambodia as A Sending Country
4.6 Yunnan Province
Chapter 5: Recruitment Process of Child Trafficking
5.1 Transportation
5.2 The Actors Involved
5.3 Methods of Recruitment
5.4 The Costs & Profits
Chapter 6: Exploitative Working Conditions and Abuses Encountered by Children Workers
6.1 Prostitution
6.2 Child Beggars
6.3 Illegal Migrant Children
6.4 Exploitation & Violence
6.5 A slavery-Like Practice Child
Chapter 7: Impact of Child Trafficking on the Children and Their Communities
7.1 Impact on the Education of the Child
7.2 Impact on Physical and Mental Development
7.3 Changes in the Values and Beliefs in Community of Origin
7.4 Impact on AIDS Epidemic
Chapter 8: Response to the Problem: Policies, Legislation, and Programmes
8.1 Problems & Difficulties
8.2 Response to International Standard
8.3 Policies & Implementation
8.4 Legislative Framework
8.5 Roles of NGOS
8.6 Points to be Concerned
Chapter 9: Conceptual Remarks and Policy Recommendations
9.1 Overview
9.2 Conceptual
9.3 Strategic and Programmatic
Appendix A: Definitions and ILO's Approach
Appendix B: Research Teams and Research Sites
Appendix C: Interview Guide
Appendix E: The Case of Cambodia
Appendix F: The Case of  Vietnam
Appendix G: The Case of Yunnan
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