Table of Contents


1. What is Buddhism ?
2. What is the historical and geographical background of Buddhism ?
3. What are the purposes of the Buddha’s preaching ?
4. What is the status of Buddhism among world living religions ?
5. What is the size of the Buddhist population in Thailand as compared to that of other religions?
6. What is the official administration of the Thai Buddhist Order ?
7. What is the World Fellowship of Buddhists?
8. What role does Thailand play in the World Fellowship of Buddhists ?
9. What is the meaning of the Buddhist flag ?
10. What is the meaning of the Buddhist symbol ?
11. What are the differences between the two major schools of Buddhism, i.e. Theravada and Mahayana ?
12. How and what should the Buddhist believe ?
13. Is it the that Buddhists are taught to be tolerant of other’s opinions, beliefs, customs or behaviour difference from their own ?
14. Could we live happily without believing in any religion ?
15. Is there any particular forms of practice in Buddhism ?
16. What are the result of the practice of the Five Precepts ?
17. How should one live the Buddhist way of life ?
18. Is there any Buddha’s teaching that monks should have a role of serving society in addition to teaching Dhamma ?
19. Is it justified for a Buddhist to believe that he could be a real Buddhist only through meditation, and to discard all concern about serving  society ?
20. Why do monks wear patched robes ? Does a darker rode signify strictness of the wearer ?
21. Why do monks go on alms round in the morning ?
22. How is the universal loving-kindness taught in Buddhism ?
23. What is the Buddha’s teaching about caste and colour ?
24. What is the Buddhist attitude towards ecological problems ?
25. Is it true that Buddhism is pessimistic?
26. What is the justification of Buddhist’s worshipping and making Buddha image ?
27. What is the real meaning of merit making ?
28. What is the real meaning of dana (giving) ?

What does it mean when a Buddhist take refuge in Triple Gem ?

30. What are the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha ?
31. What does "going to the monastery" mean ?
32. Is it compulsory for Buddhists to go to the monastery regularly ?
33. In Buddhism, can women attain enlightenment ?
34. Is it true that in some countries women can be ordained ?
35. What is the Buddhist attitude towards prostitution ?
36. Is the Buddha's teaching dynamic ?
37. What is the truth of life, according to Buddhism ?
38. What is the concept of "Anatta" (no-self), how can our understanding of this concept direct us in our daily life ?
39. If there is no " Atta" or permanent soul, how does the kamma continue ?
40. What is the instruction dealing with divine being and what are the qualification to be a divine one in this life ?
41. How many categories of divine being are mentioned in Buddhism ?
42. What are the advantages or benefits concerning which the Buddha told the practical ways and means to achieve ?
43. Please tell the (three levels of) Buddhist study as instructed by the Buddha ?
44. What are the main doctrinal tenets of Buddhism ?
45. Is Nibbana or Nirvana attainable in this liferime ? 
Appendix I : Some Discourses
Appendix II : Some Buddhist Doctrines
Appendix III : Some Leading Disciples
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