ASAIHL Organization
 The Association is administered through the General Conference, the Administrative Board and thc Secretariat.
1. General Conference
 The General Conference has power to :
 a. determine the general policy and program of activities of the Association:
 b. lay down  principle on which subscription are fixed;
 c. approve the budget;
 d. elect the members of the Administrative Board including the President and two Vice-      Presidents of the Association;
 e. admit new members.
 The General Conference is normally held at least once every two years at a time and place determined at a preceding general conference. In case of necessity, the time and the venue can be changed by the President with the consent of the Administrative Board. An extraordinary session of the General Conference may also be hcld at the request of members.
 The General Conference is composed of accredited representatives of member institutions with each full member having one vote. It is also open to observers who can take part in the discussions without having a right to vote.
2. Administrative Board
 The Administrative Board consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents and one person from each country other than those from which the President and Vice-Presidents come. The Board is elected by the majcmity of the accredited representatives of member institutions present at the General Conference. Board Members hold office for the period intervening between ordinary sessions of the General Conference and are eligible for re-election. The immediate past President is, an ex-officio member of the board.
 The Board has power to :
 a. prepare the agenda of the General Conference and present thereto the working program and      budget to be followed until the next ordinary conference shall meet;
 b. direct and control the activities of the Secretariat;
 c. appoint the Secretary-General and the Treasurer; and d. present an annual report and financial     statement.
3. The Secretariat
 The Secretary-General is the head of the Secretariat and also serves as Secretary of the Administrativc Board and as an ex-officio member of all Committees appointed by the Board.
 The duties of the Secretary-General include the following;
 a. Subject to the directions of the Administrative Board, he recruits the Secretariat and exercises     disciplinary power over it; and
 b. He presents annually to the Administrative Board a working program and the report on  activities for the preceding year.