ASAIHL Activities

The 2006 ASAIHL Conference on Education for Sustainable Development [EfSD]
Handbook, 9 editions including 2000-2003
Bulletin, 12 volumes.
Newsletter, 47 volumes including Decemberl 2004
Report Series, 37 volumes.
ASAIHL General Conference, 26th have been held, the 27th is scheduled for December 2006.
Seminars, workshops and symposiums, 98th have been held, the 99th is scheduled for the Philippines in
November 2004
Lee Foundation Fellowship, 34
ASAIHL Academic Exchange, 32
ASAIHL Lecture, 19
Japan Airlines Fellowship, 16
Singapore Airlines Fellowship, 20
Thai Airways International Fellowship, 28
Garuda Fellowship, 4
Qantas Fellowship, 16
Malaysia Airlines Fellowship, 22
Shaw Foundation Fellowship, 12
Cathay Pacific Airways Fellowship, 16
Naew Na Newspaper Fellowship, 8
Jackson Memorial Fellowship, 19
Delta Airlines Fellowship, 4
NUS Executive Development Fellowship, 14
Air New Zealand Fellowship, 12
UPM Postgradute Scholarship, 4