List of tentative meeting dates organized by the SEAMEO Secretariat and Centres; including SEAMEO Council Conference, High Officials Meeting, Centre Directors Meeting and Governing Board Meetings of the SEAMEO Centres.

Meetings Date Venue
1. SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting 26-27 July Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
2. SEAMEO Executive Committee Meeting (Virtual) 11 August Bangkok, Thailand
3. 10th SEAMEO SEN GBM 6-8 September Noble Resort Hotel, Melaka, Malaysia
4. 61st SEAMEO TROPMED GBM (Virtual) 13-14 September Bangkok, Thailand
5. 13th SEAMEO QITEP in Science GBM (Virtual) 14 September Indonesia
6. 4th SEAMEO SEPS GBM (Virtual) 13 September Bangkok, Thailand
7. 21st SEAMEO CHAT GBM (Virtual) 14 September Yangon, Myanmar
8. 37th SEAMEO SPAFA GBM 18-20 September Melaka, Malaysia
9. 12th SEAMEO RECFON GBM (Virtual) 19-21 September Indonesia
10. 53rd SEAMEO RECSAM GBM 19-21 September Phuket, Thailand
11. 13th SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics GBM (Virtual) 19-23 September Indonesia
12. 25th SEAMEO SEAMOLEC GBM (Virtual) 20 September Jakarta, Indonesia
13. 13th SEAMEO QITEP in Language GBM (Virtual) 20-21 September Indonesia
14. 4th SEAMEO STEM-ED GBM 22 September Bangkok, Thailand
15. 25th SEAMEO RETRAC GBM 29-30 September Cam Ranh City, Vietnam
16. 70th SEAMEO SEARCA GBM 3-4 October Philippines
17. 51st SEAMEO RELC GBM 6-7 October SEAMEO RELC, Singapore
18. 60th SEAMEO BIOTROP GBM 6-8 October Penang, Malaysia
19. 5th SEAMEO CECCEP GBM 10-12 October Bandung, Indonesia
20. 5th SEAMEO CED GBM 12-14 October Vientiane, Lao PDR
21. 66th SEAMEO INNOTECH GBM 18-20 October Siem Reap, Cambodia
22. 5th SEAMEO TED GBM 21-22 October Siem Reap, Cambodia
23. 7th SEAMEO CELLL GBM 24 October TBA
24. 33rd SEAMEO VOCTECH GBM 26-27 October Bangkok, Thailand
25. 30th SEAMEO RIHED GBM 27-28 October Philippines
26. 45th SEAMEO High Officials Meeting 28-30 November Bangkok, Thailand

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