The SEAMEO Centres Governing Board Meetings (GBMs) are important milestones in SEAMEO Centres as these serve as platform for Ministries of Education (MOEs) and relevant agencies to give their inputs and advices on the relevance and responsiveness of the Centre programmes, projects, and initiatives. GBMs also afford the SEAMEO Centres the opportunity to update the Board Members on the accomplishments and status of implementation of Centres’ projects and programmes.

This year, due to travel restrictions imposed by countries in Southeast Asia, all GBMs were done online using various online meeting applications such as Zoom and WebEx. This is a historic first as previously, all GBMs were done face-to-face. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, SEAMEO Centres and Network were still able to implement projects and programmes through the use of innovative technologies and alternative learning modalities to ensure that no learner is left behind.

Below is the schedule of the Governing Board Meetings 2020:

Meetings Date
1. 28th SEAMEO RIHED GBM (Virtual) 27 August
2 59th SEAMEO TROPMED GBM (Virtual) 27-28 August
3 35th SEAMEO SPAFA GBM (Virtual) 3-4 September
4. 8th SEAMEO SEN GBM 9-10 September
5. 10th SEAMEO RECFON GBM 15 September
6. 11th SEAMEO QITEP in Science GBM (Blended) 16 September
7. 11th SEAMEO QITEP in Language GBM (Virtual) 21-22 September
8. 11th SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics GBM (Virtual) 22-23 September
9. 3rd SEAMEO CED GBM (Virtual) 23-24 September
10. 3rd SEAMEO CED GBM (Virtual) 24-25 September
11. 2nd SEAMEO SEPS GBM 25 September
12. 2nd SEAMEO STEM-ED GBM (Virtual) 28 September
13. 68th SEAMEO SEARCA GBM 28 September
14. 5th SEAMEO CELLL GBM (Virtual) 29-30 September
15. 51st SEAMEO RECSAM GBM (Virtual) 29-30 September
16. 23rd SEAMEO RETRAC GBM (Virtual) 1-2 October
17. 49th SEAMEO RELC GBM (Virtual) 5-6 October
18. 58th SEAMEO BIOTROP GBM (Virtual) 5-7 October
19. 31st SEAMEO VOCTECH GBM (Virtual) 6 October
20. 3rd SEAMEO TED GBM (Virtual) 8-9 October
21. 23rd SEAMEO SEAMOLEC GBM 13 October
22. 19th SEAMEO CHAT GBM (Virtual) 22-23 October
23. 64th SEAMEO INNOTECH GBM (Virtual) 27-29 October
(0900-1100 hrs GMT+8)

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