Water in Tradition

Water for life

Big Water Small Return

Water needed to produce food to feed itself and protect its livelihood

Small Water Big Return

Water needed for a set of uses: drinking, domestic use, industry and services, and non agricultural purposes

Real Water

Liquid substance

Virtual Water

Fresh water needed to produce a product/ commodity. 1 cup of coffee of 125 ml has a value of 140 litres of virtual water.

Virtues of Water

Water as the way of nature

Water is in constant motion, flowing from the ground and into larger bodies of water to become great lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Water flows in one direction; it flows downward to lower places and never flows upward

Water Brings About Good

Water refreshes dry lands and sustains all life, yet it does not boast of its merits.

No gate or wall, no matter how strong or mighty it may, can ever confine water.

Water is Gentle and Humility

Gentleness sustains life, and flexibility leads to coexistence in various surrounding.

Rivers and seas are the kings of the streams because they know how to keep themselves below. 

Water overcomes the Strong

Water is gentle and weak, yet flows over the strongest and most highly resistant objects.

In the whole world, there is nothing softer and weaker than water.  And yet nothing measures up to it in the way it works upon that which is hard.  Nothing can change it.

Water is Justice

Water cannot maintain both high and low points, it constantly achieves a state of equilibrium with a smooth line.

Water is Pure

Water undergoes a natural process of purification, where the deposits sink to the bottom and separate themselves from the clean water above.

Water is Like the Heart

Clean water is like the heart of an individual who is free of selfish ambitions and worldly clutter.

Only still and clean waters allow us to see clearly into the water, and only still and clean hearts are able to have an objective and progressive outlook.

Water as a subject in itself

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Water into other subjects

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