A Closer Look at COVID-19 Issues from SEAMEO Webinar

Friday, 21 May 2021 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

Since the new clusters of COVID-19 infection have been found in wider areas of Bangkok and its vicinity, the situation gave us signs of re-thinking in various aspects, including a global concern on efficacy and possible side-effects of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines.

In the midst of this, hesitation to get vaccines was found all over the world and our local community has no exception. As a learning organization, SEAMEO brought in our experts to help everyone to understand the issue with evidence-based and factual information. The SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with the SEAMEO Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (SEAMEO TROPMED Network) organised a Webinar entitled “COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A” on 12 May 2021 via a virtual platform, Zoom.

The event was attended by more than 50 representatives from SEAMEO Centres and Network. We were honoured to have Assoc Prof Dr Pratap Singhasivanon, Secretary-General/Coordinator, SEAMEO TROPMED Network as the Keynote Speaker with Prof Dr Ma Sandra B Tempongko, Deputy Coordinator, SEAMEO TROPMED Network joined in as a moderator.

Dr Pratap shared his expertise and insights from fundamental of the virus, classification of COVID-19 vaccines, vaccination objectives to the comparison of effectiveness and reactions of each type of vaccine. From this webinar, it enlightened us that we should grab the opportunity to be vaccinated in order to reduce the chance of getting infected, be a transmitter, avoid entering hospitalization and foremostly, get prevention from fatal risks.

This webinar also emphasized an important of being socially responsible towards our Public Health system which is facing shortage of medical equipment, personnel and remedy areas. We hope that this webinar helped us gained a better and clearer understanding, reduced vaccine scares and gained confidence towards vaccination. We really need hands to bring back smiles to our society for the brighter day ahead. Here at SEAMEO, we always keep learning continue with safe environment for all generations.