Bidding Farewell to our beloved driver, Khun Siriwat Sriphadung

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

A popular phrase for every farewell is “It is hard to say goodbye”. Indeed, we could not agree more with that but it is even harder if the person who you are going to say goodbye has been with us for 30 years!

SEAMEO Secretariat must admit that we are about to lose one of our great assets, Khun Siriwat Sriphadung as his retirement is approaching. His journey at SEAMEO Secretariat began in April 1991 as a driver who needed to take care of international staff and guests. Even though he was not well trained in English and, at that time, understanding varieties of English accents was a daunting task but Khun Siriwat did not treat it as his barrier. He gradually observed and learned useful sentences from his senior colleagues. With his self-discipline and eagerness for self-development, English conversation has no longer become his problem. He was able to communicate with foreign staff and even made people laughed at his daily jokes.

During our ‘1st Virtual Tuesday Staff Development Day’ on 26 January 2021, Khun Siriwat elaborated his brief experience and best practices during the past 30 years of service. He has the opportunity to serve many high-level officials such as the Minister and High Officials from the Ministries of Education from Southeast Asian countries. He has applied many problem-solving skills and he could overcome those problems effectively with his service-minded persona.

Khun Siriwat’s retirement is on 31 January 2021 and it is also his 60th birthday. Let’s wish him well and all the best for his next chapter in life. We truly appreciate his tirelessly effort and dedication to work and the sincerity he has towards his job, to all the colleagues and the organization. We all witness that daily and we will surely miss him!