The 1st Virtual Staff Assembly of 2021

Tuesday, 18 August 2020 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

The beginning of 2021 started with new cases of COVID-19 infected in several provinces of Thailand. Many people had to leave their travelling plans and New Year countdowns behind.  Looking at a brighter sight, it gives us to double precautions for spending our ‘new normal’ life again.

Safety is SEAMEO secretariat primary concern as we immediately switched to work-from-home mode to avoid our staff to take risk by travelling to the office and in close proximity with each other. This way we can also help limiting the number of infected cases and the spread of the virus in the country with our social distancing practice.

Although it is quite difficult to be back in a lockdown for a second time but that was not a barrier for carrying our daily tasks. As quick learners, SEAMES Staff become more flexible and comfortable working on various virtual platforms and conduct online meeting on a daily basis. On 15 January 2021, we had our Staff Assembly for the first time of this year where we keep everybody updated on what’s going on from all divisions apart from our normal communication channel such as LINE.

It is a good practice to learn from each other how they manage their lives during the pandemic of COVID-19.  We shared stories of how we buy groceries, food and personal belongings safely online. We used to have competitions during WFH to encourage staff development and several useful links are being shared for special skills training for junior staff and any other interested personnel.

Besides from keeping our work running smoothly, at the same time we need to ensure and hear from everyone how they are doing, their feelings, mental and physical health during this trying time. Keep safe everyone, until we meet again physically!