The Friendship Bag

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

Due to the Coronavirus circumstances, all SEAMEO Staff are encouraged to work from home. In this connection, the SEAMEO Secretariat’s Director, Deputy Directors, Administration Manager, Finance Manager along with four Programme Officers concerned about the wellbeing of staff in Practitioner Level, the kind contribution to provide essential goods to those mentioned has been taken place.

The Executive Secretary and the Administrative Assistant (Purchasing) volunteered to hand over the gift from our office into different areas of staff’s residences. After visiting them, I witnessed very touching moments on the site so I would like to share with you as follows:
- Mr Boonmee was cooking lunch for his wife and kids.
- Mr Samak was helping friends from the same apartment to clean up rooms and the common area voluntarily.
- Mr Sakda avoided the heat inside his home by sitting out near the pavement and reading a book about car maintenance as part of his self-development.
- Mr Siriwat spent time with his family and personally did household chores
- Mr Pattanapong visited his mother’s home to provide assistance needed by his mother.
- Mr Pornsawan has been practicing English language through YouTube channels.

As observed, they shared one thing in common such as the heat tolerance but they did not allow time to go wastefully. They did good deeds for themselves, families and even the societies. They were all very appreciated with the kind support from the SEAMEO Family for caring and thinking of them. They were so grateful and thankful for all of your kindness.