SEAMES Buddy Game

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 | by Ms Kansiripak Muangnoycharoen

SEAMEO Secretariat organized recreational activities on a regular basis. From May to June 2019, we had been practicing the game that many of the Thais have enjoyed well while in College, the Buddy Game!

The aim of this game is to 1) Strengthen the relationship among colleagues; 2) Create the spirit of “Together Everyone Achieves More” and 3) Have fun during office hours.

After each colleague was secretly assigned a buddy, the staff were encouraged to secretly give something to their buddies either snacks, stationeries or lovely messages within a month. During the SEAMEO Secretariat’s Strategic Planning Workshop at the Four Wings Hotel Sukhumvit on 5 July 2019, we revealed who their buddies were. 

After the buddies were discovered, some of the staff gave each other their presents and played fun games as a squad!

Here are some pictures taken!