SEAMEO and ADEA discuss prospective collaboration on education between Southeast Asia and Africa

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 |

During the meeting, SEAMEO and ADEA compared and matched their respective priority areas and programmes to find commonalities and shared interests. Tentative plans and timetable were discussed for the two organizations to pursue. Details are expected to be threshed out further and presented to the decision-making bodies of the individual organizations.

The meeting is a follow-up to an earlier and preliminary discussion between SEAMEO and ADEA during the International Conference on ICT and Education organized by the Organization of Ibero American States for Education, Science and Culture in April 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where both organizations were invited to take part in.

More bilateral meetings will be convened between the secretariats of SEAMEO and ADEA to pursue discussions for collaboration. Both organizations also agreed to take part in each other ™s forthcoming organizational meetings such as the SEAMEO High Officials Meeting in November 2013 and the ADEA Ministers Forum in December 2013.

ADEA is a forum for policy dialogue composed of all the 54 Ministers of Education in Africa and 16 development partners. It was established in 1988 initially as a framework for better coordination among development agencies, and subsequently a partnership between African ministries of education and their technical and external partners.

Meeting between SEAMEO and ADEA. (From left) Dr Witaya Jeradechakul, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, Dr Handoko, Deputy Director for Programme and Development, SEAMEO Secretariat, and Mr Ahlin Byll-Cataria, Executive Secretary, ADEA