SEAMEO INNOTECH Flexible Learning Tutors visit SEAMEO Secretariat

Sunday, 22 August 2021 |

The visitors consisted of lecturers from higher education institutions in the Philippines and four education personnel from the National Institute for the Development of Teachers, Faculty Staff and Educational Personnel (NIDTEP), Thailand. The group was led by Mr. Pierangelo Alejo, Head of the Flexible Learning Solutions Unit of SEAMEO INNOTECH.

The group participated in the Capacity-Building Workshop and Accreditation for Flexible Leaning Tutors from 31 August to 2 September 2011 at the First Hotel, Bangkok. The activity aimed to enhance and develop the knowledge and skills of selected SEAMEO INNOTECH flexible learning tutors on the flexible learning pedagogy and to provide opportunities to formally recognize their compliance with the newly set accreditation standards for tutors.

The tutors work with SEAMEO INNOTECH on the delivery of the Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School and Management in Southeast Asia or the ICeXCELS. The ICeXCELS is a course developed by SEAMEO INNOTECH for school principals and other education leaders. It has been implemented in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The ICeXCELS received commendation from UNESCO in 2008.

Dr Witaya Jeradechakul, Director of the SEAMEO Secretariat welcomes the SEAMEO INNOTECH's Flexible Learning Tutors (FLTs) to the SEAMEO Secretariat.

The participants in a group photo