During 23 March - 31 May 2004

Ms Jurairat Supawattana
Graduate student pursuing a Master's Degree in
Languge and Communication

Faculty of Language and Communication
National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)


Jurairat Supawattana
Organization: Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
Secretariat (SEAMEO Secretariat)
Period of Internship: 22 March - 29 May 2004
Mentor: Dr Kantatip Sinhaneti, Information Officer

Purposes of internship

The purposes of my internship programme are as follows:
To observe how to work in international organization in order to be guideline in working in international organization in the future.
To apply knowledge and skills in language and communication to the work

To learn how to solve problems that occur in real work atmosphere

To learn and exchange new culture with foreign colleagues

Job descriptions

During the internship programme, I work as an assistant to Dr. Kantatip Sinhaneti, Information Officer, Ms.Piyapa Su-angvatin, Marketing Officer and Mr. Wifredo O. Pascual, Jr., Publication Officer.

The nature of work includes:

Assist in coordination with relevant organization such as universities, Ministries, and Embassies.
Second is working as translator.
Working as Translator
Be translator for Sikka Foundation’s representatives in meeting on Congress Welcome Reception Performance.
Translate many kinds of document both from English into Thai and Thai into English such as conference session, abstract of congress speakers, and advertisement about education expo.
Proofreading and Editing
Assist in proofreading and editing both Thai and English documents such as journals, advertisement, and topic seminar of Education Expo.
Drafting Letter
Draft many kinds of letter both in Thai and in English such as official letter of invitation, letter of sympathy, and letter of informing.
Working as guest relation officer and information provider
Assist in working as guest relation officer in press conference, and information provider as well as award-giving assistant in SEMEO-UNESCO Education Congress and Expo held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center during 27-29 May 04.

Problems and Solution

During the internship programme, I faced some problems in my work. The first problem is writing official letters. I had to write many kinds of official letter both in Thai and in English which I have never written before; for example, the official letter of invitation, the official letter of informing and the official letter of sympathy. These letters had been sent to national and international institute, ministry as well as embassy; therefore, it needed exquisiteness. I tried my best to cope with this problem by trying to study the previous letter and consulted with my mentor, Dr. Kantatip Sinhaneti and Ms.Piyapa Suangvatin, Marketing Officer including my Canadian colleague. However, this kind of problem taught me to learn new vocabularies and idioms used in business world. For me it is very beneficial.

Besides writing official letter, I had some difficulties in translating documents. I was assigned to translate the documents both from English into Thai and Thai into English. This was my first time to translate official documents. For translating English into Thai, my heavy-hearted thing was that there are several technical terms that I have never seen before. Moreover any dictionaries couldn’t help me. The best way to solve this problem was “don’t hold on form” but had to interpret and translate them from the context. In addition, I didn’t forget to consult my mentor, Dr. Kantatip Sinhaneti in order to make mistake least. And for translating Thai into English, I was assigned from marketing officer to translate advertisement. I haven’t been accustomed to using advertising language, so it was quite difficult for me. I coped with this by learning advertising language and idiom used in Internet, magazine and newspaper in order to be guideline in using advertising language appropriately and accurately.

Experience Gained

Practice every of English skill

During working at SEAMEO, I had a chance to use every of English skill.

First is writing. I was assigned to write many kinds of letter such as official letter of invitation, letter of sympathy and letter of informing. This not only made me improve my writing skill, but I also learned how to write business letter in the real situation.

Second is reading. Since most documents are English, reading skill is necessary.
Reading English documents everyday helped me have a better reading skill. I can read faster and can find out main point easier. Moreover reading made me familiar with good writing language used in working.

Third is listening and speaking. Since I worked with foreigners, listening and speaking skill were unavoidably used. Throughout two months in SEAMEO, I had to communicate with supervisor and colleagues in English. Of course, my listening skill is improved and had more confidence in speaking English.

Learn and exchange new culture with foreign colleagues

As I said earlier, I had to deal with foreigners. Working with foreigners from different countries and different background made me learn and exchange new culture which helped me know their working style and learn how to adjusted myself in working with foreigners.






Learn the process of organizing big conference and exhibition

Although I was a very small part of SEAMEO, I was considered to the important part to assist in organizing big conference and exhibition from the beginning to the last process. And this made me get much knowledge in organizing big conference and exhibition.

Learn how to coordinate with regional, national and international organization.

Learn how to deal with problems which occur in working life.

Receiving Certificate of Appreciation from SEAMEO Secretariat Director for assisting with the 2004 SEAMEO-UNESCO Congress and Expo


The internship program is very beneficial. It provides me good opportunity to learn new things. Moreover it teaches me to know that world of study and world of work are completely different. Unlike studying, working life is not smooth. Often, I faced many problems during working. I found that there are two valued things that help me to solve problems are “braveness and patience”. Brave to face and be patient to solve them.

Future Plan

I plan to work in international organization because I love English and need to utilize it as mush as possible. Then, internship programme at SEAMES is very useful because it provides me the good opportunity to learn the nature of work in international organization. Hopefully, all knowledge from my university and the valued experiences from internship programme at SEAMES can effectively fulfil my future career expectation.

Self- Evaluation

In my opinion, I believe that I should evaluate myself from all of the entire tasks that I successfully accomplished such as writing business letter or translating several documents from English into Thai and Thai into English including working as information provider and award-giving assistant in SEAMEO-UNESCO Education Congress and Expo held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center during 27-29 May 04. Above-all is my intention in working. During internship programme, every of my task was carried out intently.

Impression on the internship program at SEAMEO

The first thing that impresses me is kindness of every staff and beautiful friendship of Thai and Canadian colleagues. SEAMEO provide me experiences and knowledge that I cannot get from any textbook. I had a great chance to be a part of very big international conference which few people can get this honorable chance. In addition, working with people who come from different countries and different background can make me learn how to adjust myself and learn their working style automatically. Of course it help broaden my vision.


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