Study Tour of Andhra Pradesh 18 to 20 April 20

SEAMEO Secretariat has coordinated the study tour from the Government of Andhra Pradesh sponsored by Rural Development Department from 18 to 20 April 2000. There are 2 groups of senior officers and policy makers from the state of Andhra Pradesh. The first group which was led by Mr S.P. Tucker, IAS, Commissioner, consisted of IAS officers i.e. Commissioner, Special Commissioner from the State Government and the officers from the district by the rank of Joint Collectors. The second group which was led by Mr S Ray, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt, were Additional Secretary, Special Commissionner and officers from the district.

The objectives of the group is a field trip to villages in Thailand to understand Micro Enterprises Projects and marketing strategy utilized; to learn about the strategy of the Government of Thailand on the Micro enterprise of the Self Help Groups and marketing of produce and also to interact with the policy makers.

SEAMEO Secretariat liased with the Community Development Department, Ministry of Interior for the detailed programme for 3 days' visit . Below is the schedule:

Tuesday 18 April,

1000-1030 hrs Courtesy call on the Director General, Community Development Department, Ministry of Interior.
1030-1200 hrs Briefing on the Community Development Department's main mission, activities, its strategic measure for Self-Reliant Community Economy, and the Saving Group for Production Credit.
1400 hrs Call on the Governor of Pathum Thani province and listen to the briefing.
1430 -1700 hrs Visit women's occupational group of water hyacinth weaving at Bangphun subdistrict, Muang district.
Wednesday 19 April
0900-930 hrs Call on the representative of the Governor's office at Saraburi province.
0930-1000 hrs Briefing of the Wat Mongkol Chaipattana Royally-initiated area development project at Wat Chalermprakiat district on the New Theory of 30-30-30-10 on land management and development of water resource for agricultural purposes and a walking tour of the project area.
1400-1630 hrs Travel to Praputthabath district to visit the Saving Group for Production Credit at Tharnkasem subdistrict.
Thursday 20 April
1130-1200 hrs Visit the cooperative store for Chainat province.
1300-1400 hrs Visit Ban Tha Sai for herbal shampoo group.
1400 -1500 hrs Visit Ban Lumyai for Chili Sauce making group.
1500 -1600 hrs Visit Ban Oy for water hyacinth weaving group.

Last updated :  10 August 2001

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