SEAMEO Co-Organizes 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

SEAMEO played a key role as co-organizer of the 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week together with the ASEAN-China Centre and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education on 16-20 September 2013 in Guiyang, Guizhou, People’s Republic of China with representatives from universities in 10 ASEAN countries and over 70 Chinese universities participating.

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Sixth SEAMEO Executive Committee Meeting convened

The regular meeting of the SEAMEO Executive Committee this year was convened on 30 August 2013 at the SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand to discuss various organizational concerns and review implementation of existing and new initiatives particularly those that respond to the resolutions of the SEAMEO Council.

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SEAMEO promotes classroom research practices in adopted schools in Thailand

The SEAMEO Secretariat promoted classroom research practices among teachers in its two adopted schools in Thailand through a pilot project called “SEAMEO Classroom Research Workshop Series” under its Community Involvement Programme. The initiative was launched in June 2012 and was completed in August 2013 benefiting 24 teachers through five training workshops. The initiative was aimed at assisting teachers in identifying solutions to challenges related to teaching and learning by conducting their own classroom research.

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SEAMEO Signs MOU with ASEAN-China Centre

SEAMEO and ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of a general framework for cooperation on the development and promotion of education and culture in Southeast Asia and the People’s Republic of China on 13 August 2013 at the S31 Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

The MOU identifies collaborative areas that are of common interest to both organizations. It outlines the development and implementation of joint initiatives on education and culture such as knowledge sharing, joint research efforts on education and culture, and co-organization of education expositions, forums, seminars and conferences.

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Thailand affirms support to SEAMEO College

Thailand confirmed its support to the implementation of “SEAMEO College”, a regional platform on innovations in education and human resource development and SEAMEO’s flagship project in a signing ceremony and exchange of notes between Thailand and the Asian Development Bank on 7 August 2013 at the S31 Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

As SEAMEO Member Country, Thailand serves as host to the SEAMEO College project management office which will be housed at the SEAMEO Secretariat in Bangkok. Thailand will also be the venue of various activities and management meetings under the project.

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SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting 2013 held

The annual meeting of the SEAMEO Regional Centre Directors this year was held on 1-3 July 2013 at the Marriot Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand and focused mainly on actions needed to follow-up on resolutions of SEAMEO Education Ministers during the 47th SEAMEO Council Conference in March 2013, as well as reporting on progress of major initiatives under the SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2011-2020. The Meeting was organized by the SEAMEO Secretariat and was attended by 90 participants including the directors and key staff of SEAMEO Centres and the Secretariat, representatives of Associate and Affiliate Members, and invited partners.

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SEAMEO and ASEAN Secretariats Hold Third Coordination Meeting

The SEAMEO Secretariat and ASEAN Secretariat convened the Third SEAMEO-ASEAN Secretariats Coordination Meeting on 24 June 2013 at the ASEAN Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia. The annual meeting is part of the SEAMEO and ASEAN mechanisms to coordinate and synergize efforts to address and pursue shared regional goals and priorities on education.

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SEAMEO Discusses Partnership and CSR in Southeast Asia

Centre Directors and key officials of 10 SEAMEO Regional Centres discussed partnership and corporate social responsibility (CSR) with representatives from private corporations operating in the Philippines during a three-day meeting on 27 to 29 May 2013 at the SEAMEO INNOTECH , Quezon City, Philippines.

Dubbed as “Conversations on Corporate Social Responsibility”, the dialogue focused on theories and concepts that underpin partnership and CSR, as well as noteworthy practices in public-private partnership. The meeting was also designed to provide forum for SEAMEO Regional Centres to engage the private sector and introduce their services and products for possible partnership, particularly on developing and delivering activities as part of the private companies’ CSR.

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SEAMEO and ADEA discuss prospective collaboration on education between Southeast Asia and Africa

The Association for Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) visited and met with the SEAMEO Secretariat on 26 June 2013 to explore possible collaboration on common areas of interest between the two regional groupings that focus mostly on cooperation in education in their respective regions in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Dr Witaya Jeradechakul, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat received and welcomed Mr Ahlin Byll-Cataria, Executive Secretary of ADEA to the headquarters of SEAMEO in Bangkok, Thailand. The one-day meeting focused on introductions and presentations of organizational profiles of the two organizations including their respective priorities, major programmes and projects, and strategic plans.

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SEAMEO and Germany Sign MOU on Health Care in Schools

SEAMEO and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the project, Regional Programme Fit for School on 29 May 2013 at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bangkok, Thailand.

The seven-year project aims to improve the health and education of pre and primary school children in Southeast Asia by introducing a regionally coordinated school health care programme. It is expected to be implemented in four SEAMEO Member Countries, namely, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and the Philippines.

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