Service Awards


The SEAMEO Service Awards were approved during the 38th SEAMEO Council Conference in Manila, Philippines for further implementation. The purpose of the SEAMEO Service Awards is to provide recognition and appreciation to staff members of the SEAMEO Units who have demonstrated exceptionally high level of achievement in such areas as work performance, innovation and creativity, professionalism and commitment that contribute to the success of the Organization's mission and goals. Each SEAMEO Unit will select annually the recipient of the SEAMEO Service Awards based on the agreed criteria. There are 2 types of the Awards; one for Individual Efforts and one for Team Efforts. However, during the initial three-year period, only the Awards for individual category would be launched. The Awards announcement and presentation will be held at the SEAMEO Council Conference. The seminar and study visits in the Member Country hosting the SEAMEO Council Conference will be arranged for the awardees. In addition, the names of the awardees including their personal profile will be posted on the SEAMEO website.

Awardees for 2003/2004

The SEAMEO Service Awards were first implemented in September 2003. There were a total of eight Service Awardees for Year 2003/2004. The Awards announcement and the plaques presentation to the SEAMEO Service Awardees were held during the Plenary Session I of the 39th SEAMEO Council Conference at the Empire Hotel and Country Club in Brunei Darussalam on 2 March 2004. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam, the Welcome and Introduction Session was conducted for the awardees at SEAMEO VOCTECH on 3 March 2004.

Hall of Distinction
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