Service Awards

The SEAMEO Service Award was conferred to 15 outstanding officers from the SEAMEO Regional Centres/Network and the Secretariat. During the Awarding Ceremony, Dato' Dr Ahamad bin Sipon, SEAMEO Secretariat Director, shared some points on the significance of the Award to SEAMEO and how the outstanding performance and accomplishments of the awardees contributed to the success of the Organization.

The SEAMEO Service Awards was approved at the 38th SEAMEO Council Conference. It was launched with aim of providing recognition and appreciation to staff members of the SEAMEO Units who demonstrate exceptionally high level of achievement in work performance, innovation and creativity, professionalism and commitment that contribute to the success of the Organization's mission and goals. Each SEAMEO Unit selects the recipient of the SEAMEO Service Awards annually based on a set of agreed criteria. The 2009/2010 cycle is the seventh year of SEAMEO Service Awards Programme.

In collaboration with the Department of Education, Philippines, the Welcome Session was conducted for all the awardees after the Opening Ceremony of the 45th SEAMEO Council Conference on 27 January 2010 at the Shangri-la's Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu, Philippines. Dr Tinsiri Siribodhi, Deputy Director for Administration and Communication of the SEAMEO Secretariat, welcomed and congratulated the awardees. A SEAMEO video on the activities of SEAMEO Service Awardees was presented. During the session, the Awardees shared their own valued experiences and contributions to the organization.

A city tour was also organized for the SEAMEO Service Awardees on 28 January 2010.

The 2009/2010 SEAMEO Service Awardees

The Service Awardee from SEAMEO CHAT, Mrs San San Nyunt Ohn, Assistant Administrative Officer was unable to attend the Awarding Ceremony. The Plaque of Appreciation was handed to the representative of Myanmar.

The SEAMEO Service Awardees pose in a group photo with the SEAMEO Secretariat Director, Dato' Dr Ahamad bin Sipon; and the SEAMEO Secretariat Deputy Directors, Mr Noorhaizamdin Abdullah and Dr Tinsiri Siribodhi.

Dr Tinsiri Siribodhi, SEAMEO Secretariat Deputy Director for Administration and Communication, welcomes the 2009/2010 SEAMEO Service Awardees during the Welcome and Introduction Session.

The SEAMEO Service Awardees share their working principles and winning formula of success.

The SEAMEO Service Awardees visit places of interest in Cebu, Philippines.

Hall of Distinction
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