TESDA, Philippines hosted 4th High Officials Meeting on SEA-TVET, Manila

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in collaboration with the Department of Education (DEPED) hosted the 4th High Officials Meeting (HOM) on SEA-TVET under the theme “Moving Together Towards TVET 4.0” on 4-5 September, 2018 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila, Philippines. The annual meeting was co-organized by the SEAMEO and SEAMEO Regional Centers, namely, SEAMEO VOCTECH, SEAMEO SEARCA and SEAMEO INNOTECH.

The 4th HOM on SEA-TVET aimed to (1) Discuss the current situation of TVET collaboration during 2017-2018 and to identify the strategies to improve the regional cooperation and harmonization; (2) Identify the national and regional TVET initiatives that may enhance the responsiveness of the member states and the region towards Industry 4.0; (3) Determine and plan for the regional directions and strategies to advance the quality of TVET in line with the Industry 4.0 in Southeast Asian countries; (4) Seek advice/approval on the regional initiatives from the TVET High Officials for further implementation; and (5) Strengthen cooperation among the TVET Ministries/Departments and TVET development agencies among Southeast Asia and with other countries beyond Southeast Asian.

The meeting was attended by 192 delegates comprising of high officials, policy makers and TVET specialists from the Ministries of Education, Ministries of Higher Education, and Ministry of Labour Ministries from 10 Southeast Asian countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Timor Leste.

In addition, the meeting was participated by representatives from partner countries such as UK, Germany, and Japan.  The Development Agencies included ADB, Colombo Plan Staff College, British Council, KOSEN, and SEAMEO Regional Centres. The participants also included 132 local participants from Philippines who are, TVET Policy Makers, TESDA Executive/Regional/Provincial Directors, TVET Institution Administrators, Industry Associations and companies from Philippines.

With the theme of “Moving Together Towards TVET 4.0”, the programme focused on sharing and discussing country strategic initiatives related to TVET 4.0 from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore and proposing the framework for the region to work together.  Besides nine (9) regional initiatives for TVET development from SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO Regional Centers, TESDA, GIZ, and Colombo Pan Staff College were presented for information and endorsement.      

The TVET Regional Knowledge Platform (https://sea-vet.net/)  was official launched at the meeting by SEAMEO VOCTECH and GIZ/RECOTVET. The purposes, functions and how the audience can use and contribute were presented by the developing team.

The TVET High Officials’ Round Table Meeting is one of the most important sessions held on 4 September, 2018.  This was convened to determine the regional directions and strategies to advance the quality of TVET in line with the Industry 4.0 in Southeast Asian countries; to review and provide further recommendations for the national and regional initiatives; and to identify other regional policy recommendations for promoting TVET collaboration and harmonization among Southeast Asian countries.  The results of TVET High Officials’ Round Table Meeting were presented by the SEAMEO Secretariat at the Closing Session on 5 September 2018.

In addition, a bilateral/network session also held in order to provide opportunities for participating Ministries and institutions/organizations to explore possible areas of collaboration and to strengthen/renew partnership related to TVET collaboration. Besides the formal meetings, the study visits to Integrated Micro-electronics, Inc. (IMI), and Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology were organized on 5 September, 2018.


High Officials’ Round Table Meeting


Bilateral Networking Session


Study Visit to Industries on 5 September, 2018

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