SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2018

The SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2018 was successfully held in Arnoma Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand from 17- 19 July 2018. The meeting was organized by SEAMEO Secretariat and warmly participated by the Directors and senior officers of SEAMEO units.

In the first day of the meeting, Dr Gatot Hari Priowirjanto welcomed all the participants and chaired the meeting. There were around 30 proposals and working papers that were submitted to SEAMEO Secretariat for deliberation. Directors of SEAMEO Centres gave interesting presentations on their proposals and working papers aligned with the Education Agenda and Seven priority areas as well important flagship projects for the incoming years. After each proposal or working paper, the Directors and officers from different SEAMEO Centres anad Network provided support, and recommendations.


The second day meeting was organized as round-table discussion focusing on Inter-Centre Collaboration (ICC). The SEAMEO Centres discussed and shared their proposed ICC projects with the invited partner institutions such as ACC, Aflatoun International, Aide et Action, ARNEC, GIZ, IPST, John Wiley & Sons Singapore, Pte Ltd, MEXT, Japan, Montessori Association of Thailand, UNESCO and UNICEF. During the discussions, some projects gained support and approval; some prospective projects were transformed from the idea-exchanges.


This year, the meeting was facilitated under both professional and relaxing atmosphere. The delegates had serious and valuable speech and comments in the meetings. After the official meeting, the delegates continued their discussions with each other during the meal time. The 2018 SEAMEO CDM ensures the programme implementation and cooperation and also enhances the network and connections among all the participants. CDM was successfully closed on 19 July 2018. 

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