Last updated: 20Jun2018

Strengthening ESD Practices in Teacher Education Institutes in Thailand

Workshop Report Universities Case Study

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an international agenda since Decade of ESD was launched in 2005, Teachers and Teacher Educators are the main target as key agents who influence on quality of education and move social transformation towards sustainable development. For years, Teacher Education Institutions worldwide hold significant responsibilities to prepare initial teachers and develop quality of in-service teacher through new paradigm on ESD. Among regional and national movement on ESD, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University is one of the lead Teacher Education Institutions implementing the ESD work since 2007. With the mechanism called ESD Center, It has contributed academic support to policy maker and connect national and regional network together through projects. At the same time, ESD course and ESD integrated courses have been developed for undergraduate and graduate students by the faculty. By those experiences. ESD Center are assigned by TEIs network to take a lead for a project on Strengthening ESD Practices in Techer Education Institutes in Thailand. Itaims (1) to develop capacities of Lead Teacher Educators and Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) through a set of training workshops integrating ESD concepts and approaches and (2) to provide a platform of sharing ESD practices and related ESD practices in Thailand’s Teacher Education Institutes to help develop institutional plan on developing curriculum and pedagogical practices which integrated ESD concepts in different contexts. With a support by university’s partner, KhonKaen University, the project provided a platform of sharing and learning among TEIs through National workshop that 21 Participants from 5 universities involved and 3 months follow-up activities. New courses on ESD and ESD-integrated units have been developed in 5 universities while as co-curricula and extra-curricula activities also were created. Moreover, long plans on Capacity building programs and research projects on ESD have been prepared by collaboration of Thailand ESD-TEIs network.