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Notice: Below are documents required to be submitted in order to confirm participation in the SEAMEO School Hub.
(please send to: - Deadline: 19 July)
Institutional Confirmation Form Preliminary Training Schedule Template


As an initiative of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) to address the different areas of education in Southeast Asia, the SEAMEO School Hub is a programme that will support SEAMEO Priority Area Number 7; Adopting 21st Century Curriculum. It is important that the people of Southeast Asia acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed to effectively respond to the changing global context of the 21st Century, especially due since the era has become fast-pace and ever changing.

With the rise of technology and the internet, it is obvious that the education sector needs to take the opportunity to reap the benefits. As such, the SEAMEO School Hub is a programme that will provide an online platform for teachers and education personnel to transfer their skills and knowledge from traditional classroom teaching to the modern medium of online teaching; allowing them to build upon their capacity in knowledge delivery.

The SEAMEO School Hub (SSH) will involve schools that have joined in SEAMEO programmes, notably SEAMEO School’s Network, SEA Teacher, SEA Polytechnics, SEA Creative Camp and more to take part in developing training programmes and instructing other schools online via WebEx from 1 August - 30 September 2018.


  • To develop a virtual network for sharing best practices through online platform among schools and educational institutions in Southeast Asian countries.
  • To improve capacity of schools, administrators, teachers, and students in Southeast Asia.
  • To strengthen network and partnership among schools and SEAMEO Regional Centres.


The main part of the programme will be carried out online via WebEx from 15 July to 30 September, online rooms will be provided by the SEAMEO Secretariat and Centres.

Tentative Schedule

No. Activity Date
1 Completion of Concept note Friday, 4 May 2018
2 Completion of Google registration form Monday, 7 May 2018
3 Announcement on Website Tuesday, 8 May 2018
4 Email-Blast announcement to schools/colleges/universities Wednesday, 9 May 2018
5 Invitation to SEAMEO Centres to take part in the programme. 7 – 30 May 2018
6 Deadline for school registration 25 May 2018
7 WebEx Tutorial 30 May 2018
8 Online Briefing 31 May & 1 June 2018
9 Deadline for participation confirmation from school to SEAMEO 11 June 2018
10 Virtual coordination training for schools 2, 4, 6 July 2018
14.00 – 16.00hrs, 6hrs total
11 Submission of 2 month training schedule and action plan 2 July 2018
12 Training by schools  1 August – 30 September 2018
13 Evaluation and certificate October – November 2018



10 Schools / Colleges that have joined:

  • SEAMEO Schools’ Network
  • SEA Teacher
  • SEA-TVET Consortium & SEAMEO Polytechnic Network
  • SEA Creative Camp
  • SEAMEO Centres’ Programmes

Each school should nominate members for the virtual coordinating committee in the school team as follows:

  1. Maximum 2 Coordinating Teachers
  2. Maximum 2 Technical and IT Teachers
  3. Maximum 3 Teachers who will participate as instructors
  4. Maximum 10 Students as a committee to take part in planning, implementation and training programme.


Institutions that wish to join are required to comply to the following requirements

  1. Schools must register to Google Online Registration Form. ( )
  2. Schools should join the SEAMEO Online Briefing Session.
  3. Schools must confirm participation by submitting or confirmation form to SEAMEO Secretariat (cc SEAMOLEC).
  4. Schools must identify best practices and achievements/ Make a list of the featured programmes of study in the school.
  5. Schools must be able to develop a training programme for 2-month via a training action plan and encourage other schools to improve the school system.
  6. Schools must be able to set-up a dedicated video conference room.
  7. The participation should be certified by the School Principal.


  1. SEAMEO Secretariat and Centres will serve as the coordinating agency between SEAMEO Centres and schools, and manage the training schedules of all participating schools.
  2. All training must be delivered in English.
  3. SEAMEO Secretariat will serve as the Coordinating Agency between SEAMEO Centres and schools, and manage the training schedules of all participating schools.
  4. The participating schools will conduct “Online Training Programme” based on the schools’ best practices or expertise for other schools from 15 July to 30 September (minimum 6 Sessions / 12 hours)
  5. Based on the template provided, the schools should design training programmes that will encourage other schools to improve the existing school system. Schools may also include a competition as part of the training programme.
  6. SEAMEO Secretariat and participating SEAMEO Centres will assist in the promotion of schools’ training programmes.
  7. The participating SEAMEO Centres should nominate 1 staff as a Coordinator. Preferably one who has joined in the virtual coordinator’s training.
  8. The schools can invite resource persons or specialists of SEAMEO Centres to take part as invited speakers of the School Training Programme.
  9. The SEAMEO Secretariat and SEAMEO Centres will generate and provide the WebEx meeting rooms to the participating schools for their training courses.


Outputs that are expected after the programme is completed:

  1. 10 Training Courses, from 15 July to 30 September by participating schools.
  2. Each training course should have a minimum of 50 registrations.
  3. Each training course should encourage participating schools to develop action plans to improve the existing school programmes.


  1. Regional Recognition
  2. Certificate of Recognition
    To be given to:
    • School
    • Principle
    • Team members (teachers and students)
    • Resource persons of the school
  3. Privilege invitation to join SEAMEO Training / Workshop programmes



For General Inquiries

Overall Coordination
Ms Piyapa Su-angavatin
Mr Tan Ketudat

Technical Coordination
Mr Nithan Thienhirun

For Inquiries in Bahasa
Mr Ahmad Wisnu Mulyadi
Ms Anastasia Sylvia W Pongoh