Last updated: 24Apr2018

Changes in Education for Sustainable Development
Among Selected Cambodian Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs)

Universities Case Study

At first, the notion of ESD appeared new to Cambodian Teacher Education Institutions. Nevertheless, the past and current practices at Cambodian TEIs are relevant to ESD concept. The leaders of those TEIs had just become realized that some activities were called ESD. However, TEIs need to mobilize the concept of ESD throughout whole institutions. Such an action would help increase both teacher educators and teacher trainees’ awareness of ESD. For example, although introduced to the National Institute of Education in 2013, ESD did not appear to be widely discussed among policy makers and teachers alike. Nevertheless, what UNESCO Cambodia office did was train the teacher trainers and teacher trainees about the concepts of ESD in general and how the concepts can be integrated in the high school curricular, particularly in the lesson plans that the teacher trainees prepare for their classes. Whether or not it was actually implemented and how exactly it was implemented at the school and classroom levels upon the teacher-trainees’ graduations were little known.

In 2017, however, selected teacher education institutions’ representatives from Cambodia, namely Faculty of Education, Royal University of Phnom Penh and National Institute of Education, were invited to receive a week-long training on ESD, especially on how the concepts can be spread further through teacher educating programs and teacher educators themselves.

After the workshop on ESD in Chiang Rai, the selected representatives were encouraged to cascade the knowledge to other local teacher training institutions within Cambodia with some funding provided by UNESCO Bangkok, SEAMEO, and the Government of Japan. Then, the Faculty of Education, Royal University of Phnom Penh realized the original idea from the workshop in Chiang Rai to organize the in-country ESD workshop in collaboration with Teacher Training Department, MoEYS and National Institute of Education. The workshop aimed at building capacity of teacher education institution leaders and teacher educators in ESD and inspiring them to initiate and implement ESD concepts at their institutions. The capacity building workshop was conducted in Kampot province, a small seaside province located in Southwestern of Cambodia.

The key targets in the in-country workshop were leaders and teacher educators from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), National Institute of Education (NIE), Teacher Training Department (TTD), Phnom Penh Teacher Education College (PPTEC), Takeo Regional Teacher Training Center, (TRTTC) and Kampot Provincial Teacher Training College (KPTTC). 30 participants from those institutions attended the workshop and developed their action plan to spread ESD concepts further.


Launching of ESD workshop among teacher trainers in Kampot Province, Cambodia


Demonstration of how everything is connected in the world and in ESD training