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As an organisation that has its mandate to nurture human capacities and explore peoples’ fullest potential, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) maintains its work and aspirations for development with peoples of the region to make lives better in various fields of education, science, and culture. As such, SEAMEO Secretariat has initiated the SEAMEO Lecture Series in March 2017 as an effort to leverage the capacity of the people of Southeast Asia. In parallel, it has also introduced stakeholders to the modern tool for education delivery.
SEAMEO Lecture Series is a series of online lectures and training programmes for policy makers, educators, practitioners, researchers, school administrators, lecturers, teachers, and students in Southeast Asian countries. The free-of-charge classes are facilitated via online-platforms, specifically WebEx and MOOCS, and hosted and managed by the SEAMEO Secretariat. The sessions are carried out by experts from SEAMEO Regional Centres, external/partner organisations, and highly committed lecturers and trainers with relevant academic qualifications.

The number of sessions varies depending on the topic and lecturer. Some topics are single session long, while others are training programmes and have multiple sessions.

The SEAMEO Lecture Series primarily supports the 7th Priority Area of SEAMEO; “Adopting a 21st Century Curriculum”.


  1. Develop capacity and provide up-to-date knowledge in various academic areas to the Southeast Asian community at all levels.
  2. Provide access to knowledge for individuals and educational institutions in Southeast Asia, given by SEAMEO Regional Centers and Partner Organisations and a variety of lecturers through information exchange by utilising the latest information and communication technology (ICT);
  3. Strengthen partnership and networking of SEAMEO Regional Centres, stakeholders, educational institutions, communities, and other development agencies who will contribute to the implementation of this programme.

SEAMEO Lecture Series Highlights

  1. Collaboration with External/Partner Organisations
    While the majority of topics were conducted with SEAMEO Centres, many were carried out in collaboration with non-SEAMEO organizations such as UNESCO IICBA, Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation, The Teachers’ Council of Thailand, DAAD, and more.

  2. Expanding SEAMEO Lecture Series
    Aligning with the initial aim to leverage capacity for the people of Southeast Asia, the SEAMEO Secretariat has also organised a number of face-to-face and online workshops to share its knowledge with individuals in the education field. The workshop aims to teach participants how they can conduct online classes themselves. This includes creating promotional materials, advertising courses, preparing for session, moderating online session, and generating certificates. The workshop is titled SEAMEO Capacity building of Virtual Coordinators. 5 Batches have been completed; the participants include MOEC officers from Indonesia, staffs of SEAMEO Centres, Educators, and Students of Universities, Polytechnics, and Secondary Schools.

  3. Other Activities under SEAMEO Lecture Series
    SEAMEO-DAAD Lecture Series is a sub platform under SEAMEO Lecture Series. SEAMEO exclusively joined hands with DAAD to deliver online courses conducted by Alumni of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It follows the same style of classes as its umbrella project the SEAMEO Lecture Series. All together 6 classes have been conducted under SEAMEO-DAAD Lecture Series.

  4. List of Past Topics under SEAMEO Lecture Series 2017 - 2018
    There have been 30 Lecture and Training topics conducted from March 2017 to March 2018 under SEAMEO Lecture Series and SEAMEO-DAAD Lecture Series.
    Note: The above number and below list do not include separate online training programmes hosted by SEAMES, that are not under SEAMEO Lecture Series.

    No. Topic No. Topic
    1 Museums in an Information Society: From Collection to Digital Archives (In collaboration with SEAMEO SEARCA) 16 Literacy Development at Secondary School Level (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Language)
    2 Bringing up STEM Education in Indonesia: Challenges Analysis in the Implementation.
    (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Science)
    17 Secondary Education in Rwanda and Kenya (In collaboration with UNESCO IICBA)
    3 Scientific Literacy the Way to Build Character. (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Science) 18 Management of Invasive Alien Plant Species (In collaboration with SEAMEO BIOTROP)
    4 Food Choice in Urban Population (In collaboration with SEAMEO RECFON) 19 Optimized Diet at Sub-Population and Individual Level (In collaboration with SEAMEO RECFON)
    5 Classroom Action Research in Mathematics (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics) 20 Acquiring 21st Century Skills in Borderless Classroom (In collaboration with PMCA Foundation and The Teachers’ Council of Thailand)
    6 Overview of STEM Education (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Science) 21 Helping Individual Pupil Succeed (HIPS) Resource Toolkit (In collaboration with PMCA Foundation and The Teachers’ Council of Thailand)
    7 Mycorrhiza, a Potential Agent to Support Sustainable Forest and Agriculture (In collaboration with SEAMEO BIOTRP) 22 Increasing Family Economic resilience Using Mobile E-Commerce Applications (In collaboration with Politeknik Kota Malang)
    8 The Importance of Language for Educators at Primary School Level
    (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Language)
    23 Advance Pneumatics & Hydraulics (In collaboration with Politeknik Kota Malang)
    9 Southeast Asian University Partnership (In collaboration with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC) 24 The Use of Digital Technology to Enhance Outcome in Quantitative and Qualitative Research (CITAVI) (In collaboration with SEAMEO VOCTECH)
    10 Obesity and The Burden of Non Communicable Disease (In collaboration with SEAMEO RECFON) 25 Caenorhabditis Elegans: Insight into their role as animal model in drug development for oxidative stress related diseases and aging (In collaboration with DAAD)
    11 Higher Order Thinking Skills as Teaching Strategy (Improving HOTS through Language) (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Language) 26 Eco-Products Technology (In collaboration with DAAD)
    12 Strategy Promoting Technical and Vocational Education in Indonesia (In collaboration with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC) 27 Trade and Business (In collaboration with DAAD)
    13 The Continuum of Care to Prevent Stunting: An Experience from Indonesia (In collaboration with SEAMEO RECFON) 28 Agriculture & Climate Change (In collaboration with DAAD)
    14 Overview of STEM Education (In collaboration with SEAMEO QITEP in Science) 29 Virus-Host Interaction for Future Antiviral Development (In collaboration with DAAD)
    15 Higher Order Thinking in Mathematics Classroom (In collaboration with SEAMEO Mathematics) 30 Applied Chemistry: Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Minerals (In collaboration with DAAD)

Contact Person

For further information and to become the member of network please contact:

Ms Anti Rismayanti
Programme Officer III
SEAMEO Secretariat
Tel:      +66 (0) 2391-0144 ext 203

Mr Tan Ketudat
Project Assistant
SEAMEO Secretariat
Tel:      +66 (0) 2391-0144 ext 208

Lecture Series and Traning Programme

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