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With the aim of providing opportunities for Primary school students in Southeast Asia to apply and improve their English communication skills in day to day life, SEAMEO Secretariat under the leadership of DR. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto has initiated “One Million Voices: Practice makes you Perfect” an online platform for Primary students to practice their spoken English and Primary English teachers in Southeast Asia to share, discuss and learn innovative teaching techniques from peer teachers to promote the usage of English among the students of Southeast Asia

This programme is launched as the second round of the programme called “1 Million Students: Storytelling & Debate”.


  • Encourage students to see English just as another language of expression
  • Promote the use of English throughout Southeast Asia
  • Guiding students to use modern technology to learn English


2.Who can join?

Primary English teachers and students of Grade/ Year 5 to 6 in 11 Southeast Asian countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, are able to join the programme.

Only a maximum number of 6-10 students from each school are allowed to join the programme


3.To join the programme
  • Only 25 schools will be able to take part in the programme. Registrants will be entertained on first come first serve basis.
  • The participating school has to be a part of the SEAMEO Schools’ Network. If your school is not a part of the SEAMEO Schools’ Network, please use this link to get registered
  • Registration is free for both, the programme and SEAMEO Schools’ Network


  1. Training programme
    1. Certificate of Participation” for the students who participates
    2. “Certificate of Completion” for the English Teacher
  2. Competition
    1. The winning schools will be eligible for a certificate as well the following monitory prizes :
      • 1st Prize:    300USD
      • 2nd Prize:   200USD
      • 3rd Prize:    100USD
    2. The English teachers will be writing a summary about the programme. They are to present ideas to improve the project. The teacher of the outstanding project will receive a “Certificate of Appreciation”.
    3. Every student who participates in the speech competition will receive a “Certificate of Participation”.


5. Timeline

There will be two phases for this programme.

  1. Training Programme
    • This is an online Training Programme for the Primary school teachers instructing English in Southeast Asia
    • There are two activities in the training programme
      • The training sessions for teachers
      • Student presentations
  2. Competition
    The English Speech Competition is the last part of the One Million Voices Programme to encourage the usage of English among Primary students of Southeast Asia. The Speech competition will be scheduled on 20 December 2017.

    Only two to three students from each school are allowed to participate in the competition. Each student who participates in the competition will be doing a speech on different topics

    There will 5 members in the judging committee.
    1. Academic teacher or the section head – They will evaluate the students from other schools
    2. 4 judges from SEAMEO Secretariat

Please note that if the participating schools are less than 5, SEAMEO Secretariat will not proceed with the competition

Tentative timeline of the Programme

Week Date Activity Participants
1 1 December 2017
13.00-14.00 (1-2 pm)
WebEx Tutorial
  • English Teacher
  • IT Teacher
WebEx tutorial for the coordinating teacher/class teacher or the English teacher of the participating school
1 December 2017
15.00-16.30 (3-4.30 pm)
The coordinating teacher/class teacher or the English teacher of the participating school will join a short online briefing about the programme.
  • English Teacher
  • IT Teacher
2 6 December 2017
14.00-16.00 (2-4 pm)
Go Live  
2-3 students from each school will join this session and will do a live speech about a topic for 3-5 minutes.

Expected Outcome:
To have insight into the strengths and weaknesses of students in using spoken English
  • English Teacher
  • 3 students from each school
12 December 2017
14.00-16.00 (2-4 pm)
An online discussion with the English teachers and the facilitator. The teachers will evaluate the level of the primary students of Southeast Asia based on the previous session. The weaknesses and strengths of the students will be discussed in this session.

Expected Outcome:

To come up with pedagogies and techniques to minimize students’ weaknesses
  • English teacher
3 13 December 2017
14.00-16.00 (2-4 pm)
Training and discussion  
The facilitator will do a presentation for the teachers about commonly found Grammar errors among the students of South East Asia and will give some tips and tricks on how to avoid them. There will be an open discussion among the teachers for the last 30 minutes of the session. The teachers are welcomed to make suggestions to improve the English communication level of students
  • English Teacher
19 December Record and Play  
2-3 students who did not take part in the previous session will join this session. The teachers will record the students before the session and during the session the videos will be played for the audience by the teacher.
  • English Teacher
  • IT Teacher
  • 3 students from each school
Expected Outcome:
To gain knowledge about the outside factors that may influence the English communication skills of the students
4  20 December 2017
14.00-16.00 (2-4 pm)
Impromptu Speech Competition  
2-3 students, who did not participate in the previous sessions, will join the competition. However during this session students will be given random topics that were pre-discussed with the teachers. The students will be given 2-5 minutes to talk about the given topic.
  • English Teacher
  • 3 students from each school
Expected Outcome: Select three winning schools Judges The teachers are to invite the Academic teacher or the section head to be a part of the judging committee. 4 other judges from SEAMEO Secretariat will also join this session. The judges will evaluate the students and will announce the winning school
  • Academic teacher/ Section head
  • SEAMEO Secretariat judges
  • The students are to talk about the topics only for 2-5 minutes. The duration of their speech must not be more than 5 minutes


6. Contact

Ms Piyapa Su-angavatin
SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: + 662 391 0144 I Fax: + 662 381 2587
Email: (cc:

Ms Hasanthi Wijayawantha
Project Facilitator
SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand


7. Additional Information

Information about 1 Million Students: Storytelling & Debate Programme