The Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), Lao PDR in collaboration with SEAMEO Secretariat hosted the “Preliminary Teacher and Student Workshop on English Communication and ICT Skills in Lao PDR” on the 1st and 2nd of March 2017, as part of the “SEAMEO Community Development: Online Lecture Series and Training Programmes”.

The purpose of the workshop include (1) to leverage the confidence of teachers and students in communicating in English; (2) to enhance presentation and communication skills in English and ICT for both students and teachers from senior high schools and vocational colleges in Lao PDR; (3) to provide knowledge on cross-country school partnership development and networking to teachers; (4) to improve the capacity of IT staff/teachers/students on the use of up-to-date WEBEX teleconference technology for their participation in the SEAMEO Community Development Programmes in 2017 – 2018.

There were approximately 78 participants, whom of which are high school and TVET school teachers and students in Lao PDR. In conducting the workshop, representatives from the MOES Lao PDR provided logistical and technical support in the preparation and operation of the workshops; whilst, representatives from SEAMEO Secretariat conducted the overall coordination, and facilitated the workshops. The Deputy Director General of the Department of External Relations, MOES, Lao PDR, Mr. Phouvanh Vongsouthi, gave an opening and a closing speech for the event. He then rewarded all the participating schools with Logitech cameras provided by SEAMEO Secretariat. At the end of the workshops, through 1.5 days of activity based and impromptu preparation workshop mechanisms, participants were able to improve their confidence and skills in their final presentation.

The workshop summary report